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WOW. – Kanye West – Donda REACTION / REVIEW

This video got delayed because it was blocked by YouTube for 2 days. Hope it still makes any sense 😂

Photo in Thumbnail from @ sadboimedia on Instagram.

What’s up guys its ya boy DyloPillow! I’m a huge hip-hop fan, so I’ve dedicated this channel to reviewing all hip-hop music, from the mainstream to the underground. I do reactions and reviews to some of the newest Hip-Hop and R&B (and more genres!) singles and albums, as well as reactions to past songs and albums that I have not heard before.
I always keep it honest, so sometimes you may not agree with my opinion, but I am always happy to discuss music with you. I try to upload everyday, so I hope you can find more content that you enjoy, and please consider subscribing!

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Intro 0:00
Track 1 0:51
Track 2 3:05
Track 3 4:10
Track 4 5:11
Track 5 6:04
Track 6 7:36
Hurricane/Track 7 9:05
Track 8 10:58
Track 9 11:38
Track 10 12:37
Track 11 14:24
Track 12 15:15
Track 13 15:51
No Child Left Behind/Track 14 17:16
Track 15 17:55
Final Thoughts 19:17

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20 comments on “WOW. – Kanye West – Donda REACTION / REVIEW

  1. This video got delayed 2 days because YouTube blocked it and it’s already so out of touch with the actual scenario 😂 was still fun to record tho

  2. Dude you scared me I thought it dropped! Still excited to watch this since it’s basically the album (technically unfinished but still)

    We’re gonna need two reactions because this is not the full album some tracks will be added and changed. We heard snippets and it sounds completely different from the stream

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