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37 comments on “Why BTS Taehyung Only Had to Wear Over-Sized Clothes

  1. 2 seconds silence of respect to those who thinks this was true fact behind V’s wearing lose clothes. I mean common..!

  2. 🥺🥺I wasn't knowing this and I truly found him adorable in everything he does…. I'm sorry tae🥺…ARMY IS ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT U IN EVERYTHING❤️❤️… SARANGHAE TAE❤️

  3. You will think that i being rude but guys don't viral videos like 1:57 because we will be thing that it cute but that person see it ,its a very embarrassing moment. Please don't take it to your heart because its my advice. 😊

  4. Poor taetae…. He hides his condition for us! Meanwhile although I so badly want BTS to come to INDIA…. It's a very hot country… How can our poor taetae handle the heat ? 😭 I don't want taetae to suffer!

  5. Tell him to use dove soap and sometimes let the water dry on its own then using towel, I also had this problem before, so ye, this worked out for me at least..
    And yes, it's actually quite troublesome because itchiness is insane af when ur body temperature rises alot…

  6. His allergy is only really caused due to high body temp and sweating (I have a friend who also has that) so surely he should be fine wearing what he wants in day to day life?

  7. Today 8th June, while going through BTS dressings, I found out my condition (Cholinergic allergy). I thought it's happening to me only and always have been a huge problem to deal with not only physically but mentally. When I say mentally, it's because when I scratch in public, i fear that people (more importantly friends) will think that I am just dirty or hadn't bath for days, which is not the case. Well it has been a real pain to me but now that I know of it and it's existence is known out there I can now face other people. Thanks for the video. XD

  8. well i can kinda relate because i have condition if i put sanitizer or lotion i get rashes all over me

  9. Omg v you poor soul
    Your the nicest most pure soul I ever met omg
    Can anyone tell me where may I find bang pd I just wanna have a chat about why the hell are there choreography so damn hard!?!?
    Get well soon taehyungie oppa 💜

  10. The allergic has the medicine. So he must have the med though. The fashion he choose is his statement fashion. Come on, I have the same alergy and it's fine. Taetae absolutely fine.

  11. Aw … Thats horrible…. Poor V…. When he wears tight clothing…. Poor poor Him… considering that they have a lot of money when they make tight clothes couldn't they just make Nissan material is it just all material that's too tight?

  12. Bts hides their pain and conditions because they dont wanna make armys sad . Whenever something happens to them armys crys and are worried for them which make them feel bad so they dont so much their pain and do their best to support us my whole life goes to them and i really love them that's the truth i dont want ever to see them in the pain i was .Btw taehyung your scratching is so cute i find it personally adorable i know it's not cute or funny what you are being through but you should know we are here for you and we don't want you in pain

  13. I have the same skin cindition as him.. my skin gets itchy & i develop rashes whenever i sweat.. living in the Philippines, it's really difficult to avoid feeling hot! I can sympathized with V because i know how it feels, it must really be hard because he has to practice their choreography for hours, stand infront of cameras & be on stage with all the lights on him.. there are times when i just get crazy wanting to scratch my skin so it must be difficult for him to control the urge knowing all eyes are on him..

  14. What ever Taehyung wear suits him all the time because he got a perfect masculine body shape. He has a great taste in matching outfit color shades & prints matching his stunning hair, eligant shoes and selected men accessories including sunglasses. 💜 V is a total package!

  15. I know this is out of the blue but I just had a dream that BTS performed with no shirts on stages 😀

  16. Oh my….poor V…..I hope he is doing okay And remember that me and the army’s love him always the way he is 🥺

  17. Omo. I feel sorry for him. I cant stnd itchiness from heat and dampness.T.T Im glad they make suitable fashion wear that suit his condition. No wonder i always saw him wore big clothes😂 i thought its just his unique fashion sense.

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