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What's behind Tom Brady's recent "cocky" comments ripping into rest of NFL? | NBC Sports Boston

Phil Perry joins Mike Felger and Michael Holley to break down the reasons behind Tom Brady’s recent string of ‘cocky’ comments, including calling other NFL teams “stupid” for not signing him during free agency in the spring of 2020, and who will be more prepared when the Buccaneers travel to Foxboro in October: Brady or Bill Belichick?

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13 comments on “What's behind Tom Brady's recent "cocky" comments ripping into rest of NFL? | NBC Sports Boston

  1. Tampa will blowout the Pats. Brady saying a team is dumb for not grabbing him up says a lot of what he thinks about Belichick for forcing him off the team. Brady must think Belichick is a complete idiot and it will be evident on week 4

  2. I'll be honest. I'm a Patriots fan. Always been a Brady fan. But on on Tampa there was no reason for them to lose. That team was stacked . I said it before the season no reason for them to lose. But lately hes been kinda a dick . And I hate to say that. But geez be the dude that the team that gave you the chance to even believe in you.

  3. I really wish this game were happening later in the season, because I think it's a pretty tall order to expect a new look team to be ready in week 4, for the SB champs, who are returning all 22+. I think it's likely the Patriots defense will perform better than the offense, because the defense retained more pieces than the offense has. However, some of those defensive pieces also opted out last year, so some rust isn't unexpected.

    I'm still waiting to see how the QB battle works out, and how that translates to the regular season. Practice and OTA's are one thing, actual game setting is another thing entirely and it's thrown curveballs to many new QB's.

    Whatever happens, I just hope injuries don't determine things.

  4. Brady can say anything he wants – allow his performance and results from 2001 – 2021 to speak for itself. Bill totally miscalculated and mismanaged Tom Brady. He is the GOAT.

  5. Slap fake glasses on Holley and script him some dumb questions to ask, he'll do it. Most hapless question you can ask Holley is, "What's your thought?"

  6. Well when you win 7 SBs and are close to retiring, you kind of don’t care anymore. He was humble for 20 years amidst constant scrutiny. I’m a Pats fan and I absolutely love it

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