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What you need to know about new California unemployment benefit requirements

Californians on unemployment have to start searching for work again to continue getting benefits. That work-search requirement had been put on hold when many businesses were forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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28 comments on “What you need to know about new California unemployment benefit requirements

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  2. Edd owes me money for two months' worth, I try to contact them, and nothing. After all this is over I will contact them again asking for that money. I assume I'll get a response like "sir that money is no longer available.'

  3. KCRA deleting comments to further EDD crimes to prop up the dead dollar real nice pretend to shame EDD while being an accomplice pathetic what happened to journalism all I see is criminal accomplices reading scripts.

  4. They are just giving fraudulent homeless thousands for nothing here to prop up an overinflated dead dollar. My identity was stolen and all my Brother needed to do was fill out a form for thousands a month for being a fat drug addict forging like a pathetic slob and thief you get rewarded f*ck EDD!

  5. I just keep wondering if there is still a legit vendor like babyboycarder on telegram, this is my third time am dealing with him. God bless you man

  6. 20$ a hour doesnt cut it in california when rent in the gehtto is at 1590 a month and nice neighborhood 2500 to 3000 a month raise the wages people will flock for work

  7. But is it really safe to start working? With the delta variant coming around who with any common sense would risk their life’s or the life’s of their family for minimum wage?
    Want people to start working again? Raise minimum wage to $50 an hour

  8. Edd will contact? I really dought it people can’t get through to fix their claims and edd will contact you makes me smile

  9. Employees have a tough future if they think they have the power. Cut these people off. EDD Stimulus Eviction Moratorium Morgage and Student loan forbearance. Watch the job lines stretch around the block. See Y'all in 6 months begging for work. Good job Government you just created a Log jam.

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