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What Does A Post-Pelosi Future Look Like?

Who will lead the democrats after Nancy Pelosi? Ryan Grim and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member:

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“Nancy Pelosi just won what may be her final term as the speaker — and the battle to succeed her is just beginning.

House Democrats are already starting to shift their focus toward a bloc of ambitious colleagues jockeying to take over when she finally steps aside, even as Pelosi maintains a firm hold on her caucus.”

Hosts: Ryan Grim, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Ryan Grim, Ana Kasparian


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23 comments on “What Does A Post-Pelosi Future Look Like?

  1. Hopefully Schumer is next
    I need Bernie as the senate majority speaker.
    I need it please

  2. The reasoning here is ass backwards, Was Trump anyone idea of a strong leader? The Republicans gave him unquestioning support and he just malingered driven only by his basest impulses. If democrats wanted a strong leader in congress they just would have picked someone other than quiver still filled with arrows Pelosi, pretending someone is strong by not challenging them wont get there

  3. ANNA: "HURRY, the people are starting to believe we at TYT arent really progressives! Give me a CARROT…. QUICK!!!!"…… TOO LATE GUYS…… you already took the $$$$$. If you are still in the "democratic" party because "youll fix it from the inside"….. your a dumba$$!!!

  4. If it wasn't for you and the squad knee capping the "force the vote" it would have been either "Pelosi+a floor vote" or "No Pelosi" which both are good, Now we got "Pelosi only", I guess TYT donors are more important than the medicare for all.

  5. Pressuring Pelosi will not lead to Republican House Leader, where did that come from Cenk? AOC America needs Medicare for all ESPECIALLY during pandemic…. Where is it?

  6. Now let's hope the Democrats don't drop the ball like they did when they held the majority the first two years of Obama's presidency.

  7. Pelosi is a long time overdue. And I mean really a long time overdue. Batter Katie takes her place yesterday! Also, Warren needs to go home. AOC would be so much better in this role. Finally, put a restriction to Clintons to leave Washington for good. Leave Obamas alone as long as they stay away. Ok?

  8. Jefferies would have been better than Pelosi because he would have been exposed as a fake progressive and they could have primaried him in NY in two years. Zero guts and zero strategy.

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