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[Version 2] Louis Armstrong – WAP (OpenAI Jukebox)

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• What is OpenAI Jukebox?
Simply put, it’s a neural net that generates music – read more about it on the official blog:

• Can I use Jukebox myself?
Yes! If you have a very powerful Nvidia graphics unit (at least 16GB of VRAM for the 5b_lyrics model), you can run Jukebox through Python. If you don’t, you can give Google Colab a try.

• Is there a tutorial?
Yes, I made a tutorial explaining the basics about generating samples and upsampling through Google Colab. (only works with Colab Pro at the moment)

• What has Jukebox been trained on?
According to OpenAI, it has been trained on 1.2 million songs. Unfortunately, OpenAI has not publicly disclosed which songs are in this dataset.

• What sampling temperature are you using?
Always between .975 and 1 – Usually .98

• Does the original artist get compensated if you use their song to train the AI and upload the result to YouTube?
When doing a song continuation like this, in most cases, yes. YouTube’s algorithms can detect most songs, even if they’re only played for a few seconds. The record label will then automatically claim the video and make money off of it.

• Can you do X song/band next?
Feel free to suggest anything, but no promises! Also, Jukebox works best if the artist is on this list:


22 comments on “[Version 2] Louis Armstrong – WAP (OpenAI Jukebox)

  1. Man, that upright bassist is really struggling. I like how he pulls out a metallic bow at the end and just starts scratching the life out of the strings, or at least that's what it sounds like xD He does at least manage something of a "walking bassline" at 0:32 before everything goes south once again

  2. Lyrics:

    I said certified fr eak
    SE ven days a week
    Wet a pus sy
    Make the poulout gAaAaAyYyyy..

    And i tik to myself
    What a wonderfull wwah..

    (stroke noises)

    (Audience laughs at him while he does his best to keep himself standing)

    HOOOOooos in this house….

    There som HORRSE IN DIS HAUS….

    (More applauses as he finally collapses)

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