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Vanessa Bryant calls out rapper Meek Mill for lyric referencing late husband Kobe Bryant | ABC7

Bryant took to her Instagram Stories to slam Mill for a lyric in his new song “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe)” which leaked online: “If I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe.” Full story:


23 comments on “Vanessa Bryant calls out rapper Meek Mill for lyric referencing late husband Kobe Bryant | ABC7

  1. OMG!!! Let it Go!! He said he was Sorry!!! WHAT!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!!!!! NEWSSSSS!!! AND SHE'S FOLLOWING BEHIND IT!!!

  2. Kobe died on 1/26 Vanessa Bryant's bday in 2020 was the 126th day of 2020 because of the leap year. Kobe Japan currently under the 126th emperor. Lebrons bday 12/30/84 = 126. Vanessa Bryant beefing with Meek Mill. Meek Mill is from Philly and his bday is the 126th day of the year this year.

    Kobe dad name is Joe. Kobe dies right before Superbowl 54 which is the Joe Montana Bowl. Joe Biden becomes president. Joe Burrow is #1 pick and Joe Flacco is on the Jets team that got their first win in LA.

    Kobe last game against the Jazz he leaves the game with 4.1 seconds left. His last shot ever that he made #41 is guarding him. Kobe scored 60 and the rest of his team scored 41. Kobe died at 41.

    Kobe last game against the Jazz. He dies before Coronavirus and gets buried in Corona Del Mar. The player on the Utah Jazz gets Coronavirus and cancels the NBA season.

    Kobe was buried on 2/7. Lebron's bday to Kobes death is 27 days.

    Tiger Woods crashed on the 54th day of the year. Vanessa Bryant was in the news the same day. Tiger and Lebron have the same bday. And remember Kobe passed before SB 54.

    The last time the Suns made the playoffs was Kobes last ring and he beat the big 3 in Boston. The Suns will make the playoffs again this year and Lebron can beat the big 3 in Brooklyn.

    This years Superbowl was on the day Kobe was buried. Tom Brady passed Michael Jordan in rings in Raymond James Stadium. Michael Jordan's dad's name is James Raymond Jordan.

    It's not hard to see through the bullshit.

    Lebron passed Kobe on the 54th point of the game against the 76ers. . Kyrie first game after Kobes death he dropped 54. Kyrie and Lebron used to be teammates. Now they may face each other in the finals and Kyrie wants the NBA logo to be Kobe.

    Lebron passed Kobe against the 76ers and the next day Kobe crashes in an S-76 helicopter.

    Do I keep going or is this proof enough?

    Dame Lillard came out with a song in 2017 called trap house funeral and raps about kobe being dead and his daughter. The Lakers played Dame Lillard the night of the Kobe tribute and Lil Wayne dropped the Deluxe Edition to his Funeral Album. Dame and Lil Wayne performed at the All Star game that year that was dedicated to Kobe.

  3. This guy have nothing else better to do with himself.
    This is Black History Month. I bet he didn't even know it.
    Now you have Tiger Woods…who else he's going to make fun of. Pitiful

  4. I dont care what you guys say, Kobe is better than Michael Jordan. Mike only won championships because he was on a good team…but Kobe did it all alone 🏆

  5. Let's get some information on the real like will americans heal will they lose their homes will the provide more food to us or will we be sweep away , cause y'all got more than us

  6. It use to be about our children
    Then our youth , but for success y'all lied , if everyone lost they jobs behind words this world would have fail to be Great

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