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USA v Iran – LIVE Updates | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Basketball Tournament

Watch the light #live score of the USA vs Iran game at the #Tokyo2020 #Basketball Tournament.

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33 comments on “USA v Iran – LIVE Updates | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Basketball Tournament

  1. If olympics is to promote harmony and competition, then the video should have been posted already so we can all get into. This is now just about the money

  2. t is shameful how something as open to the world as the Olympics, with all its Olympic spirit included, has been sold to the vile metal leaving out millions of fans and true followers of the sport who do not have the money to pay a private subscription and be able to watch the games . From a foundation that stopped wars and sought the brotherhood of peoples, they are a distinction of race or creed, to a multinational concerned with fattening its coffers, leaving slightly more than half of the world's population out of the Olympics.

  3. Es vergonzoso como algo tan abierto al mundo como las olimpiadas, con todo su espíritu olímpico incluido, se ha vendido al vil metal dejando fuera millones de aficionados y verdaderos seguidores del deporte que no disponen del dinero para pagar una suscripción privada y poder ver los juegos.
    De fundación que paraba guerras y buscaba la fraternidad de los pueblos son distinción de raza o credo, a multinacional preocupada por engordar sus arcas dejando fuera de las olimpiadas a algo más de la mitad de la población mundial.

  4. they still haven't prove anything it was a easy win how about other countries that are power house with NBA players their the one U.S. have to beat LETS GO USA!!!!

  5. Oh my god Kevin "The Best Player in The World" Durant play like MJ dream team mode and beat the super team Iran you cannot see any other player from team USA who can score 10pts 5reb and a very very impressive 3 block the best defender in USA Team-Skip "uhmmm" Bayless

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  7. As an Iranian living in the USA and also a Dallas Mavericks fan, is it bad that I have been more invested and interested in Slovenia (because of Luka) over team USA or Iran???

  8. Thank God for Damian Lillard. He has dominated this game. But wait.. isn't KD the leader and "The Best Player in the World"? Why has he only scored 10 each in the last Olympic game? 🤔

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