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Unemployment, The Division, & Mandating

The are going to try & cover the unemployment bomb that is going to explode soon. The division that we are seeing in this country. We will also talk about the mandating of a few things.

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20 comments on “Unemployment, The Division, & Mandating

  1. Those That are Vaccinated and still contract COVID can still spread the disease , Possibly kill other people as well. They can still spread the virus. How do they differ from the Unvaccinated?

  2. So many authorities willing to not push the v are turning 180 degrees. Dots to be connected: Three presidents mysteriously die after refusing to mandate the v in Africa. Officials in US who formerly granted people their freedom to choose are now " officially suggesting" people take it. Could they have been told something they are not telling us? Like those refusing to take it are going to be "disappeared with extreme prejudice?" They have been saying that pets are spreaders.

  3. Fyi im late to respond but hey im so white i glow on the dark and your skin color means JS to me. CONTENT OF YOUR CHARACTER!

  4. A friend of mine works at a nursing home has to get tested twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday which doesn't make sense. She also has to go in even if she's off on those days to get tested.

  5. if we keep saying no…I wonder how much business would be lost. How dare they ps us off, spin that 180 degrees. Wait till the businesses start crying. I have heard a lot of the v'd wish they didn't. Jumped in too quick and now finding out things. We can't cave…people were told that food costs would rise if they had to put gmo labels on it, they lie all the time. People voted it down you want to know the real reason why…because Monsanto et all and Gates would not have a fraction of the money and influence that they do…that is why none of the labeling laws passed. Can you imagine what happens if everybody get the vx? Believing their lies and not standing up to them IS HOW WE GOT HERE TODAY. What are your kids lives going to be like?

  6. People fell into the trap of thinking that things like government assistance could remain free. Right when you think that your living life on easy mode, they purposely impede the progression of the economy, which makes you vulnerable. It’s obvious that they used people’s complacency to their advantage.

  7. The problem with bichute and rumble is their viewer interface. They need fast forward, pause, rewind, search features etc similar to yt or other popular video streaming sites!

  8. FYI, Instagram is part of the new coalition to spy on everyone.
    What about far left extremism?
    Funny how they overlooked NFAC's armed marches, blm, antifa, etc.

  9. Angry Truth.. Let me give you the logical points … Hit me up if you want more
    1. Aysmptom or Vax person have same abiltiy to spread because all vax does is give you antibody's it is not a VIRus Shield.
    2. Biggest risk is long term effects like sterility.
    3. Delta is less deadly then original however more contagious.

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