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32 comments on “UNDISPUTED – Skip trusts Tom Brady's squad to lead Buccaneers to win Super Bowl this year!!

  1. You mean the team that was BOUGHT for him? A true leader takes what is around them and builds something great. You look at the years the supposed goat had nothing , he was nothing. This isn’t about Tom Brady , it’s about the player bought for him and their performance.

  2. Skip showing he only watched one game with trask. A game where trask played with a bunch of back ups. Then claims “ I do know Kyle trask”. Literal idiot

  3. Kyle trask is inheriting a really good situation if Brady leaves in a year or two. No excuses for the dude otherwise we know for certain certain that Brady brings and takes the magic ingredient with him

  4. Just Saying but anyone remember when Stuttering Shannon took the Washington Football team , The Saints , The Packers , and The Chiefs by 16 to beat Brady and the Bucs in the playoffs? M.A.G.A hat that Brady wore in 2016 still driving stuttering shanty Shannon nuts.
    And I feed off of it 😃

  5. The issue with fortifying the line is the fact that it takes longer to find receivers due to more guys playing back. After a couple seconds the line begins to disintegrate. As the game goes on those giant linesmen will get tired by extended plays. We’ll see how it goes.

  6. The story of Patrick Washed Mafraud
    – Has dazzling physical talent & makes the Chiefs
    – Irrational fans swoon at said physical gifts
    – Gets his ass handed to him twice in the playoffs by the GOAT Tom Brady
    – Has a terrible passer rating & QBR in 2 SB appearances & is one play away from being 0 & 2
    – In the ensuing years he becomes another one & done SB champ & retires early like Andrew Luck did due to injury because he could never develop his mind like the GOAT & relied on his physical skills to get him out of trouble
    -Irrational Mahomes fans still squeal GOAT when his name comes up & their IQs drop yet again

  7. Tom Brady is the greatest QB in NFL history
    He has been to 10 SBs & has won 7 of them
    Tom Brady beat Patrick Mahomey twice in the playoffs (so far) with one being the SB
    Patrick Washed MaFraud was one play away from losing both of his SB appears with his crappy passing stats & QBRs
    Tom Brady will go back 2 back & win his 8th ring & beat Mahomes possibly again (if he makes it that far)
    When this happens I will be laughing my ass off; MaFinished fans will be crying, screaming “cheating”, “refs” & any other excuse they can come up with.
    After that happens I will be reciting Ice Cube’s famous song lyric “Today was a good day” 😂🤣🤡

  8. Hello I work for a rapidly expanding mental health facility
    We have become increasingly concerned since the Mahomes-led Chiefs lost the SB to the GOAT Tom Brady’s Bucs that the mental health of Chiefs fans have taken a disturbing downturn for the worse
    If you are a Chiefs fan & refer to your QB as the baby GOAT still or believe he has a shot in hell of becoming the GOAT after getting his ass handed to him by Mr. Brady in the SB and/or…
    Claims Brady isn’t the GOAT, is lucky, has the refs in his back pocket, or thinks Deflategate is real, you may qualify for our free one hour consultation so we can help you in your journey back to reality
    Please reach out to us at 1-800-TOM-GOAT
    The 1st thousand callers can take advantage of our free exchange program
    For every bottle of stupid pills you turn in, we will give you a free bottle of shut up juice
    Limited time offer

  9. Gonna be a lot harder for the Chiefs to get through the AFC than it will be for the Bucs to get through the NFC, especially if Rodgers goes to Denver, which apparently is expected to happen.

  10. Most teams are not capable of going to SB's back to back, but we know the Chiefs can handle it and we know that Brady lead teams can. Tampa vs KC is not a bad bet. KC has solidified that line and will be even better, but the addition of Bernard will give Brady what he missed last year in a pass catching RB. That and OJ Howard is back…Both teams will be better, but I still give the Bucs the slight advantage as long as Brady doesn't start to show his age.

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