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Two Colorado officers charged after brutal arrest caught on body cams

Two officers in Colorado are charged after a brutal arrest left a man bleeding and begging for his life. The police chief in Aurora released two body cam videos showing what happened.

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43 comments on “Two Colorado officers charged after brutal arrest caught on body cams

  1. He’s definitely doing some prison time, let’s see how tough you are once you get your sentence. Keep the same energy, you will need it in there.

  2. This department is SO corrupt! At least 5 people I know have stories being harassed or mistreated when dealing with APD, one being my own sister who is a nurse at the children’s hospital!! It’s very scary to think of how they handle others if they don’t even respect model citizens

  3. God this is nothing but animals in a uniform. Those officers should face criminal charges and go to jail. Anyone who would do this and those who didn't call in to stop this should be held as a accessory. Those officers shouldn't be on leave with pay. If citizens were caught doing this to another human being we be charged.

  4. When will police departments start looking for signs of domestic terrorist group organization affiliations in the backgrounds of those they hire???

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