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Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

BREAKING: Twitter released a statement saying they are permanently banning President Trump citing incitement of violence. #FoxNew #BreakingNews

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29 comments on “Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

  1. The only reason twitter banned trump is so YOU can't see what HE REALLY SAID. Now they can LIE about everything he has said and you have no way of researching it. When they banned Trump, they really banned YOU.

  2. Mr. Donald J. Trump has his own social media platform. Who's down to join & sign up.

    Twitter permanently suspends user accounts who violate their rules.

  3. NOOOOO!!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! America is slowly becoming more communist EVERYDAY!!! ITS BECOMING LIKE CHINA!!! Please Trump come back to Twitter and come back to the presidency!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Me and my children and suffering!!! WE DONT EVEN SEE THE AMERICAN FLAG ANYMORE!!! This is absolutely horrible!! HELP!! LORD TRUMP SAVE US!!!!!

  4. I will never be ungrateful, I here by open up to you guys friends, after been worried about getting back my Twitter page I was chance to be introduce to Teccolton on Instagram, doubt it not!

  5. Fox News reports on social media censorship while routinely disabling comments and Like ratios.

  6. I recommend @Cedric_soft1 via twitter he can fix your account in minutes just DM him for help on Instagram Cedric_soft and WhatsApp + 1 337-243-5595

  7. I recommend @Cedric_soft1 via twitter he can fix your account in minutes just DM him for help on Instagram Cedric_soft and WhatsApp + 1 337-243-5595

  8. I recommend @Cedric_soft1 via twitter he can fix your account in minutes just DM him for help on Instagram Cedric_soft and WhatsApp + 1 337-243-5595

  9. This is why twitter isnt for me. So many can see whats happening. yet they still think we are dumb.

  10. Is you is,or is you not my constituents. Ridiculous. This country is not free. And seems to be, if you try to say that anymore you are violating a law. Soon it will be like v for vendetta.

  11. Twitter turned out to be a communist dictatorship which discriminating and violating people civil rights guaranteed by them in the United States Constitution, if this is the case I will never want to be a member of a Communist Dictator website like Twitter ever again!!! I disagree with Communist Dictatorship what Twitter doing!
    Good luck with your Communist Dictatorship!!!
    The time will come soon when we the people will bans Twitter from the internet…

  12. Shame on bias liberal Twitter 🐥 now has suspended Catholic World Report's account because the Catholic publication referred to Biden's transgender nominee as “a biological man identifying as a transgender woman.” Twitter said those words were a violation of Twitter rules “against hateful conduct.” Catholic World Report will not be allowed to tweet from its account unless it deletes the message that Twitter opposes. It’s time Big Tech loses its section 230 protection. Shame on liberal bias run Twitter and Jack Dorsey what a liberal bias jackass.

  13. Should have canceled his account 4 years ago. So nice not to have to hear about all the lies, making stuff up, and vitriol every day.

  14. I dont even like Trump but I am boycotting Twitter. My free speech is more valuable than their political view so cya Twitter, tosses your company out of my life.

  15. Conservatives:
    Free markets! No regulations! Don't mess with free markets! No fairness doctrine! No net neutrality! Money=free speech!

  16. Get rid of chrome and switch to Firefox. That is a good first step to solving the social media problem.

  17. Twitter is a private company, they don't have to obey the 1st amendment, only governments have to protect the 1st amendment. Twitter's decision is based on capitalism and the free market.

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