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True Crime | Heather | Brittney Vaughn

Happy Thursday❤️

Crazy Heather —


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35 comments on “True Crime | Heather | Brittney Vaughn

  1. I would pay to see you in stand up. You are too damn funny and your just talkin. Like I cannot. My daughter hears me laughing my ass off and says, “you watching that Brittney girl again”. She knows. I love you gurrrrrl.

  2. So my immediate thought when you first started the story and you said how close she was with her father and her father died in Greece the first thought I had was her mother killed her father in Greece that was the first thought I had immediately and I'm a Libra ⚖️gang gang she had to have a reason a damn good reason and I believe that.

  3. Oh snaps, before I even watch the video I am going to have to say as an Oct. 10th Libra I like things done a particular way (the OCD gets real) however, I am super laid back and can get along with just about anyone. (In a prior video you had a Oct. 10th female involved) I have to ask. What in the hell is wrong? What is the hell is going on? Calm down, calm the hell down my fellow ♎️

  4. Getting her help, and making her responsible for her actions is not giving up on her child. If she thinks she has mental health issues then her getting help while hopefully in prison for her crimes, is getting her help! Heather might not thank her for it but tough.

  5. I can't get enough of the bloopers at the end of each video. It always helps. As in, it's a horrible story, that goes for all of your true crime videos. Being able to laugh at the bloopers, tends, for me at least, soothe my soul, when the story is especially horrific! Thank you, Brittany for having your videos End on a laugh. The laughter pushes away the sympathy and Empathy some of these stories, True stories, brings about in my heart and soul. So, again, thank you! God Bless.

  6. Pause… just 5 minutes in. I have raised my 3 children, a girl, boy and then another girl. Plus my neicdies who is older than my eldest child. Well, my eldest child, daughter, at 15 thought she could just kick me in the stomach and just get away with it. It shocked me to my core, y'all. So, I did have a abt a 10 second delay, which gave her enough time to jump up off the couch and head, run, for the front door, I got there 1st! Let's just say, it did not go as her little, Weasley, boyfriend at the time, told her it would go! She broke up with that boy, later that night. And that's all I'm gonna say abt that part of My story. But with this girl, Brittany is talking abt, should have had her @$$ handed to her, on that silver platter she was so used to getting everything else in life on!! She is most definitely lucky she was Not MY child. And my daughter, after that day, herself told people, family, friends, strangers talking in passing if a conversation relating to this kind of subject came up, "My mama put me in my place." And she was right. She wasn't bitter abt it. She actually would laugh when telling the story. She was very remorseful abt that incident for a very long time. But, I also love my children unconditionally, I forgave her right away. But I was still firm in my, "Put your hands on me, and you're my child, go ahead and expect me, your Mommy, a very loving, forgiving, Mommy to give back in kind."
    And I'm not that, I brought you into this world, I'll take you out, kind of parent. No! But, I am that mama that will show you, you won't do it again. Lesson learned, little girl, now let's move on.
    God Bless you all.

  7. Girlllllll, if this was my daughter I’d be** that a$$ before she could’ve even thought twice of this horrific plan! An I agree Bali jail is obviously lit !!!

  8. She only got 10yrs yet boyfriend gets 18yrs! It was her wanting her mom dead and she would of murdered her mom with or w/o him in the picture. Heather needs life in prison. Not a measly 10yrs. So her mom's life was only worth 10yrs of Heathers life.

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