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Tom Brady Trolls Biden At The White House

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NFL quarterback Tom Brady joked about President Joe Biden’s forgetfulness and about the 2020 presidential election.

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45 comments on “Tom Brady Trolls Biden At The White House

  1. Anyone else notice that’s the first time Biden didn’t stutter in the past few years? Crazy, he almost sounded like a person not suffering from dementia

  2. Repeating the same lies over and over again successfully doesn't make Trump "coherent". Let's get that and a few other fun facts straight. Such as: Opposing Trump doesn't mean supporting Biden. Being conservative doesn't mean that you just support Trump. If the devil ran for presidency on a conservative platform, I'd hope that we all will make sure that he lost the election. Trump did lose the election. End of.

  3. Come off it. Brady was there with his coach, a huge Biden fan. The jokes were not against Biden in fact very much the opposite. To think any different is just plain insanity.

  4. To be fair I could see this joke going either way. Could've been a dig a biden and it also could've been a dig at the people who don't believe the results were real

  5. The most popular president American history. More people greet him and Kamala on stops around the world, than ever showed up at his 6 seat rallies, it's a shame they all carry signs that say Biden sucks and Kamala swallows. You won't see that on your evening news

  6. Brady was making fun of Trump. Stop being in denial. His wife is a huge liberal and now so is he… Nuance and critical thinking aren't exactly virtues oYouTube. He's obviously making fun of Trump.

    Brady clowned Trump. But the GOP is so desperate to hang on to Brady like he's actually a conservative when he and his wife are very liberal. He's closer friends with Lebron than he is with Trump. Lebron hates Trump lol.

    Brady skipped Trump after winning 2 SBs….Twice 😂

  7. Biden, It's not because You're old that have the people worried. I know dozens of people old as you who make twice as much sense when they're drunk. If for nothing else , they're definitely worried about you accidentally saying the wrong thing to some foreign leader.

  8. It’s nice to see Tom and Joe trading a few friendly barbs without everyone getting all up right and offended. At the end of the day, we’re all playing for the same team, and even though I didn’t vote for Biden, I’m supporting him now that he’s our president.

  9. This could go both ways, Brady could have been dissing conservatives. People automatically jumped on the it's making fun of Biden train and I'm just not convinced.

  10. Me. He cheated. 81 million votes for a guy who thought he was running against Bush? A VP who failed the primaries and called Biden a racist and using her own privilege race for political gain?

  11. Biden and his supporters think he was throwing shade at Trump, hell even some of the Trump supporters thought he was. That's how you know it was an epic troll. I bet you him and Trump had a nice laugh about this afterwards.

  12. I'm not going to be political but if Trump and Brady are friends how come Brady and the whole NFL crew show up and show out to support Biden but non show up for Trump 🤔

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