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Tom Brady show off incredible throwing accuracy – but fans question if video is real or fake

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NFL legend Tom Brady was filmed showing superhuman throwing accuracy but fans have questions whether the footage is fake.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarter-back is one of the greatest American football players of all time and a clip he posted online seemed to back that up.
Brady, uploaded a video of him throwing a ball into the jaws of an operational passing machine.
He captioned the post: “Training camp starts this week. I’m looking forward to having some actual receivers again.”
The superstar looked directly into the camera and said: “Are you ready?”
One he received confirmation he was being filmed, the former New England Patriots ace executed a perfect spiral pass.
The ball lodged dead centre of the throwing wheels and wedged perfectly in the middle.
And just seconds later, the mechanical throwing machine launched the ball straight back to Brady.
The seven-time Superbowl champion caught it before repeating the trick and stepping back 10 yards.
Brady casually fizzed another pass which hit the target again.
But second time around, such was the ferocity of the ball, the machine toppled back and launched it straight up in the air.
The footage is impressive but not everybody was convinced.

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27 comments on “Tom Brady show off incredible throwing accuracy – but fans question if video is real or fake

  1. Is Biden running the US into the ground ? Tom doesn't have 7 superbowl rings for nothing. He's gifted. But there's always some UNTALENTED people who won't think it's real

  2. I believe this is a real but I think that it definitely took a lot of practice for him to get it right no disrespect to Tom. I mean I've seen Joe Montana do it once so.

  3. Why would people say fake? Quarterbacks can easily do this. Look at Dan Marino’s throw at the moving target at the pro bowl. That looks fake too but is real.

  4. I wish this PRIDE 🌈 would of just let the video play, in real time speed. Instead of playing it in slow motion and talking over it like a woman SMH

  5. Wow…haters gotta hate, Guy's been a quarterback for 20 plus years, I would think he'd have that kind of accuracy. We've all seen quarterback shoot outs when they would have to throw a ball through a hole at a certain distance…how is this any different? Brady has always been known to be a hard thrower…Seeing something like this just makes me appreciate the GOAT all the more!

  6. The machine would have instantly kicked the ball back out. What's wrong with you people? Hey, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona I want to sell ya..

  7. 1. If it is real then I'm guessing it probably took 100+ takes before nailing it. Hard to imagine nailing that first time if that is what they are implying.
    2. It is most likely fake. To nail the perfect spot in a 3D space twice with no room for error in quick succession logically seems highly unlikely. If he is off by 1 cm to right, left, above or below then that ball is richoceting.
    3. The first throw did not move the machine much (a little wobble) but the second throw knocked it over. Would have thought the first throw had enough pepper to cause a more distinct pushback.

    I call fake, mostly because I'm a skeptic :). But a damn good fake. Either way, if anyone could do this legit it would be Brady.

  8. It's REAL. He is that good. I saw Quarterback Drew Brees throw 10 footballs in a row to a receiver 10 yards away with one hand perfectly. He landed the football in EXACTLY the same place on the receiver's chest EVERY TIME. And Brady is a better quarterback than Drew Brees.

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