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Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe Saga

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More than 20 years ago now, Tom Brady was simply that quarterback from Michigan that the New England Patriots took in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft to back up Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Bledsoe. However, things took a dramatic turn when Bledsoe, who’d led the Patriots to a Super Bowl just a few years earlier and had recently signed what was then the biggest contract in NFL history, went down with an injury in Week 2 of the 2001 season, which gave Brady his shot. And TB12 certainly took advantage of the opportunity as he never relinquished the starting role and led the Patriots to a Super Bowl title. Bledsoe was then traded to Buffalo and Brady went on win five more championships in New England before taking his talents to Tampa Bay and promptly leading them to the Super Bowl as well. But everyone knows that story. What some tend to forget, however, is that the hit that started Tom Brady on his path to becoming a legend legitimately almost killed Drew Bledsoe.

In Week 2 of the 2001 season, Drew Bledsoe and the New England Patriots hosted the New York Jets for the final home opener at the old Foxboro Stadium, which was demolished after the season.

With just over five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Patriots trailing, 10-3, Bledsoe and the New England offense lined up for a 3rd & 10 from their own 19-yard line. Bledsoe dropped back to pass but was unable to find an open receiver and was flushed out of the pocket. He scrambled toward the sideline and was nearing the first-down marker when Jets linebacker Mo Lewis came in and delivered a massive hit on Bledsoe, leading with his shoulder.

Bledsoe hit the deck and was clearly shaken up as medical personnel tended to him. Now, what some people might not remember is that he actually stayed in the game despite the fact that he was concussed and unknowingly suffering internal bleeding. Bledsoe played another series but legit forgot how to say the word “left” and was finally pulled.

Tom Brady entered the game and while he couldn’t lead the Patriots to victory that day, he went 11-3 as the starter the rest of the way and took New England to the Super Bowl (although Bledsoe actually played a largely forgotten role in that), where they upset the St. Louis Rams, 20-17.

Drew Bledsoe never started another game for the New England Patriots and was traded to the Buffalo Bills ahead of the 2002 season. Tom Brady, as we know, led the Pats to eight more Super Bowl appearances and won five of them over the next 18 seasons.

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13 comments on “Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe Saga

  1. joe montana was 20 times better than elway, montana beat elway int he super bowl 55 to 10

  2. Yow do you Walk through the Valley of Death you Fear no Evil ,A brave Viking Warrior is not Taught ,You were my Friend what Irish Boston Said ,A true Warrior !!!

  3. Drew was a good QB, was helpful for developing Brady, and was an unselfish backup, but he acts as if he should have been the one hoisting the Lombardi's. I'm not sure, he would have had the same success as Brady. And being highly paid, made it easy decision to let him go.

  4. As a fan who.went to all the Michigan home games in 1999, this isnt True. Tom atarted all but 1 game at Michigan. The game he didnt start, he finished. And after that game, he was the starter for the rest of the year. The Henson stuff is way over exaggerated

  5. I respect Bledsoe's effort to spin this tale (who wouldn't?), but if he did not think in the summer of 2001 that Brady could take his place, he was seriously delusional. No doubt, he brought respectability to the Patriots from 1993, and he will always be remembered as a great QB for that franchise. But he was not the same QB in Foxborough after his injury in late 1998. His QB rating went down to the mid 70s. (Brady, as a starter, never went below 85.) The big contract Bledsoe got from the Patriots in 2001 was a huge mistake. Without Brady taking over, Bledsoe would have sunk the Belichick regime. It is well known that the coaching staff was already worried about the QB position in the 2001 offseason. In that year, Brady improved his throwing mechanics, and he was already getting ahead of Bledsoe in training camp. But, of course, no franchise can replace one of the highest paid QBs (and a 3-time Pro Bowler) with a 6th round pick without creating an almighty controversy. Things got even more tense when, in the regular season, before his injury, Bledsoe played poorly. In the infamous Jets game, he struggled to move the offence. (And when he did for a bit, he ended up throwing a back-breaking INT.) The game is a painful watch for any Patriots fan even before the terrifying hit. After the injury, Brady bailed the team out big time. It is no surprise that, when Brady turned out to be a more than viable option, the franchise quickly grabbed the opportunity to move on from Bledsoe.
    We can just quietly move on from the story of a franchise QB playing great until an unfortunate injury robs him of his job.

  6. Look folks , Drew Bledsoe went from a gunslinging Superbowl QB in 1996 , to a Dan Marino chuck the ball everywhere for picks floundering / injured QB in 2000 and 2001. Tom Brady was just the map that was finally found to lead the Pats to the Superbowl winning Dynasty promise land that's all .

    Montana , Elway , Favre , Mahomes , Rodgers , Brees , E / P Manning , or Marino arent worthy to wash Brady's Groundbreaking , Iconic Championship jock strap ok . There is NOTHING Mahomes , or any other QB could ever do to surpass Brady . Brady's skill in everything a QB should be able to do to be Great , and will to win is unparelleled . Mahomes could throw spiral TDs from the Moon to Earth for the next 25 years , and not accomplish the Iconic accolades that Brady has . Its all just wishful thinking for any QB to ever match at this point . The GOAT debate is officially OVER for the next 100 years . These are Brady's records and accomplishments that are unique , have never been done , or never will be matched / surpassed .

    2 HOF decades in one NFL career in 20 years in NE / Improved play and numbers in second decade .

    Has 3 seven year period HOF Careers in 21 years in the NFL for 2 teams combined .
    Has Greatest winning percentage of any player in all 4 Major Sports history .
    Won Superbowl MVP with a team with the worst winning percentage in all 4 Major sports history .
    Youngest and Oldest QB / Player to take a team in either Conference , and won Superbowl MVP in first starting season with 11 – 5 record for either team .

    Took a floundering losing Head Coach , and team in NE in previous season , became youngest Superbowl MVP in the next season , in first season as starting QB . Took a floundering losing Head Coach in Tampa in previous season , became oldest Superbowl MVP in the next season , in first season as starting QB . Went 9 – 0 after losing to the 2001 Rams in NE in week 10 , then beat the Rams in Superbowl 36 . Went 8 – 0 after losing to the 2020 Chiefs in Tampa in week 12 , then beat the Chiefs in Superbowl 55 . Both 2001 Rams and 2020 Chiefs were Greatest Offenses In NFL history . Just an insane , eerie parellel happening TWICE , 19 years apart . Neither will ever happen again , or in Mahomes' wildest dreams 😂

    Has 2 Superbowl winning Dynasties a decade apart , for one team .
    Has more Superbowl Appearances / Wins than any NFL Team / QB / Player / Coach / Owner , ever .
    3 MVPs
    3 Superbowl wins in 4 years
    4 Superbowl wins in 7 years
    5 Superbowl MVPs – 4 in AFC / 1 In NFC
    14 Conference Title Appearances in BOTH conferences total . 10 – 4 /4 losses were to potential HOF QBs .
    5 of 10 QBs he beat in Superbowls will be HOF'ers .
    He has most Playoff and Superbowl records ever
    Best Playoffs Record at 34 – 11 than any NFL Player / Coach / Team / Owner .
    Has TRIPPLE the playoff games played in / wins of any Player / Coach , or most NFL teams ever .
    581 TDs / most ever
    First to throw for 50 TDs
    First / Only QB to have 16 – 0 Regular season
    First / Only QB to be 18 – 0
    7 Superbowl wins out of 10 Appearances in 3 Individual decades
    5 Superbowl MVPs in 3 individual decades
    Has TWICE the Superbowl Appearances as Elway , and TWICE the Conference Title appearances as Montana .
    First / Youngest / Oldest Superbowl MVP in 3 Individual decades .
    Oldest QB to throw for 40 TDs , 4633 yards / 65.7 percent completion percentage
    2nd All Time marks of 541 TDs , 74,000 yards in Conventional Pocket Passing Run Heavy system with Scarecrows and Pumpkins for recievers for 19 of 20 years in NE . Just Unheard of in such a limited offense .
    Took two Special Teams players , coached them up to be WRs , and both won Superbowl MVP – Branch / Edelman .
    Has beaten every team in the NFL more than once , except NE .
    Has beaten every AFC team in the playoffs , except NE
    First / Only / Oldest QB to win AFC / NFC Conference Title , and Superbowl MVP as starter .
    Oldest to win Superbowl MVP / League MVP
    Oldest QB to Pass for , Run for TD , and win a Playoff game .
    Beat a historic offensive juggernaut Rams team in the Superbowl , being 14 – 1 underdogs .
    Greatest Come back in Superbowl history down 25 at Halftime .
    Threw for a record 505 yards in a Superbowl loss .
    First and Only QB to appear in , and win Superbowl MVP in home stadium
    First and Only QB to win AFC / NFC title as Starting QB .
    Beat 3 potential HOF QBs in this 2020 Buccs Playoffs / Championship season going 8 – 0 after week TB12 😂.

    Will be First / Oldest / Only QB to hold almost every passing record All Time in the Regular Season , Playoffs , and Superbowls individually next season .

    Will be 2nd QB (Favre is first) ever to be a starting QB in most of his NFL career without being benched , or replaced in a game , or season .
    Will be the oldest Starting QB / Player ever when he retires
    Will be First / Only NFL QB / Player to have statues , and his number retired for a team in AFC / NFC .
    Will be First / ONLY QB / Oldest Player ever to be a Unanimous HOF'er on First nomination .

    Only QB / Player ever to be QB / Head Coach / GM / Player Recruiter / Player Developer / Offensive Coordinator / O Line Coach / Positions Coach / Game Planner / Film Study Organizer / Team Nutricianist Psychiatrist Councelor / Team Unity Accountability Enthusiasm Builder
    / Motivator / Inspirer / Leader / Clutch Performer for a team in either Conference .

    That's why Brady can recruit players to play with him . It has ALWAYS been the TB12 system for 21 years in NE , and Tampa that's attractive to players . Without Brady , Belichik is just another Buddy Ryan really . A really great Defensive Coordinator and an ok Head Coach . What could Jason Garrett have done with a Tom Brady in Dallas ? Garrett wa 85 – 67 in a decade as Head Coach of Dallas , with a dysfunctional Diva owner , and Diva players , with no Top 10 defense . Now that's coaching .

    🎤 Mic Drop Folks

  7. Hey Drew!!!! You were good Man!! like I mean real good!!!! To bad you didn't go…. Tampa Bay!!!! I'll bet you could have gotten them a couple Super Bowls!!!! I miss you Man!!!! I Love you Brotha!!!!👍

  8. Bledsoe is still bitter. Sorta sad for a retired guy with lots of off the field success.

  9. Do people realize Belichick was a career losing Head Coach before Brady became his Starting QB? He was also 5W-13L with Bledsoe and Bledsoe was the highest paid NFL Player, not just QB Drew is cool and deals with the pain well.

  10. Bledsoe has so many backhanded compliments for Brady lol. Still clearly bitter. Brady IS the system. Peyton was more of a system QB than Brady was. Peyton couldn't run Gary Kubiaks system.

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