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This House Special Election Was Disappointing for Republicans

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26 comments on “This House Special Election Was Disappointing for Republicans

  1. Its funny to see how "red" most of America is. That is until you get to the cities and the mass migration of illegals to the S.W. Whoring their votes out for the taste of some of that free stuff the democrats are offering. Cesspool cities and illegals dictate America currently.

  2. New Mexico uses paper ballots that are scanned on an optical scan tabulating system. This system is used for early voting, absentee voting and Election Day at each polling location. New Mexico’s voting equipment is uniform state-wide: Dominion Voting Systems Imagecast Evolution and Imagecast Precinct with ballot marking device (ADA Compliant).

  3. Lol the republicans started being disappointed when they couldn't get enough people to vote for them to beat Biden in the 2020 election. Everything they've done hasn't proven any evidence of fraud. On the contrary, ironically recounts and audits only helped Biden and gave him more votes and only uncovered fraud done by republicans

  4. I do not see the GOP performing well Ohio's 11th district. A little bit biased due to my left-leaning, but I'd place my bets on Nina Turner for winning the seat. She got name recognition from her association with Bernie Sander's presidential campaigns, some celebrity endorsements, as well as the 11th district becoming more and more progressive lately. On the other hand, I don't think Democrats have much a chance in the 15th District which is historically conservative. Although did go to Obama in the 2008 presidential election, so there is a potential to swing the district.

  5. I think all these special elections are just becoming representative of our polarized political state. Swing districts largely won't be a thing anymore, they'll either be safe D or safe R, and I expect future Congresses to have extremely narrow majorities, regardless of who the pendulum swings toward.

  6. Hi Ethan! Interesting video here (as always!)… thanks for posting. I wanted to make a suggestion for a subject you might want to take on in an upcoming video: gerrymandering! I think your viewers would be interested in seeing you talk about how gerrymandering happens, where it's most prevalent in the country, and how it effects the make-up of state legislatures and of Congress. About how the way legislative districts are drawn makes it so much harder for one party (usually Democrats) or the other to actually win control of any particular state's delegation.
    Thanks for considering this. Looking forward to your next videos. (And I hope you take some time off to chill and get ready for college in the Fall!)

  7. This is why the republicans are full of buffoonery, tomfoolery, and plain jerry-riggery. they don't want to lose power or change so they want less of us to vote.

  8. Elections today is like the WWE. Sorry.
    Hair pulling pulling the trunks…ropes….choke…
    In pro wrestling many wrestlers break the rules to “win”

  9. I'd like to say this is unusual but it''s not. The cops get to make up their own evidence and judges let it fly in court. We have this in AZ to, and amazingly one of the cops that does the most DUIs is able to use that same certification, and has several arrests with negative drug tests, and they say the same thing, the drug test is wrong not the cop. Same with "I smell marijuana so I'm going to search the car", or the drug dog that's wrong 60% of the time.

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