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This 2019 Police Report Could Have Prevented the Christmas Attack on Nashville

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FOX News reports, Police visited the home of Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner in 2019 after his girlfriend told authorities he was making bombs inside his recreational vehicle, according to a report.

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34 comments on “This 2019 Police Report Could Have Prevented the Christmas Attack on Nashville

  1. Because we don't want you to miss a report, Check out our BRAND NEW website for our loyal viewers at

  2. Ray Throckmorton, a swell attorney! I reported my client to the police. And I did it ineffectively!! So, Ray is not only creep you would never want to depend on, he can't even effectively disclose private info to 'help' the police. Sad Ray, but in the 21st century that type of behavior gets you appointed to the bench!

  3. This was just to easily solved so fast im not buying any of it im sure he was used as the fall guy I don't believe a dam word of any of it

  4. Question, why were there doors blown out of the building? Wouldn’t they have been blown in from the van explosion??

  5. "it seems like when the fbi continually know about these people that they don't do anything about it…"it's the same concerning child molesters. They do nothing about it. God have mercy on the children being abused and judgment on all those who do NOTHING to stop it.

  6. The people who set this up knew this man had been reported and they used that to make him the scapegoat for the bombing. With all the other random bombings that followed this one do you really believe this man was acting on his own? Foolish foolish people.

  7. It is easy to say they she said this or that and they just happened to not check him out. This way there is no trail. This dude is an FBI and deep state scape goat. And OMG he died in the explosion so he cannot speak for himself to prove his innocence.

  8. Wouldn’t have made a difference.

    Deep state would have just found some other patsy to frame for their bombing of the Dominion voting machines investigation.

  9. But it was a woman's voice on the recording. Who was the person on the recording?

  10. What do you expect from the FBI? They didn’t investigate dirt bag from the Middle East when a Minnesota flight school reported the suspicious activity while he was actually planning an attack on America.

  11. She threatened suicide… not really the most credible witness……… that’s why they couldn’t get a warrant. No judge would take the word of a crazy lady. Lol. She’s like, “Here’s my X’s guns so I don’t kill myself… been eating chipmunks… he’s building bombs in his RV!” The judge is like, “We have this special room where you can talk about feelings and finger-paint all day long.”

  12. You guys don't really think that poor slob REALLY bombed the building, do you? Hmmmmm. I used to give you guys credit.

  13. If you haven't figured it out , IT WAS A FALSE FLAG !! All this info being dumped is Garbage !!! Every single time the same type info comes out week or two later ( ITS DEEP STATE M O RESPONSE TO FALSE FLAG ) saying they had info and this could of been prevented . So now your focused on why didn't the Authorities do something before , RATHER THAN ALL THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED < TIME TO WAKE UP !!! How many times are you going to fall for this crap . Didn't you see the video taken showing a Smoke trail headed down to the Nashville Explosion site and then the Explosion took place ???? Research this info !!!!

  14. When there’s no point to something you know it’s not true… This has Las Vegas written all over it! No explanation and no message… So no sense whatsoever… incidentally “America will never be a socialist country”…Keep your eye on the government Americans!

  15. *No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government's Responds On security Matter's And Economy growth,

    No 2: As An Individual You Should Be Safeguarded And Also Look For Different Self Business And Trade Not Only Waiting on Betterment of Stock market activities,

    No 3: Most Important Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital.

    Because Government Have Failed Us In Aspect Of Security, Economics Activities And Other Trading Systems*

  16. Breaking news!

    Kamala Harris has just won another sausage swallowing contest. Breaking all previous sausage swallowing records.

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