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These Intense Solo Valkyrie No-Fill Games Show Why Her Movement Potential Is So Great – Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 9 Solo Valkyrie No-Fill Games Show Why Her Movement Potential Is So Great

0:00 Crazy Escapes With Valkyrie’s Abilities
6:08 VTOL Jets In Combat & Peacekeeper Fun
10:58 Securing Kills With Valk’s Missile Swarm

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46 comments on “These Intense Solo Valkyrie No-Fill Games Show Why Her Movement Potential Is So Great – Apex Legends

  1. Good tone, fox 3.

    She isn't firing 3s.

    The writers rooms as seriously sloppy on this.

  2. damn so they took out her mech as her ult? what a shame, the map long wall hacks when she ults is okay i guess

  3. This is insane. I'm definitely going to try and get better with Valk. She's just fun 🙂

  4. I was playing Valkyrie and when I canceled flying, she did the dragon ball z hand explosion ball move

  5. Dude I have watched your channel grow so much. It is truly amazing. I remember watching you when you were just around 100k and now your at 450k! Keep it up man youre awesome.

  6. I love playing valkyrie so much she gives me so much viper/North star flashbacks and good memories this was a good addition apex

  7. Some tips from a masters player would be
    Dont fly into your enemy if your gun is not reloaded
    You can only scan people who are in your line of sight while flying
    You can strafe in the air back and forth
    Valks tactical is pretty strong if you can stun someone and follow up on it there pretty much dead

  8. Me: mom can we get titanfall

    Mom: we already have titanfall at home

    Titanfall at home: Apex Legends

  9. So i noticed… when i shoot the missiles in the air hovering everthing is in the grid like it's supposed to be. But when I shoot them on a higher plane as I'm falling, I can climb back up quickly to see where they landed, and the pattern is now scattered in the outer areas but a majority is clustered in a certain place. That certain place was a serious damage radius for one unlucky guy. Can we experiment with this and make sure I'm not crazy?

  10. Yooooooo Valk movement is legendary no one can out pace her ive have 4 sqds in resort trying and chaseing me to death and i ultimately outplayed quite a few knocking more that id ever seen before shes amazing lowkey

  11. Watching this video I cannot stop thinking about legends like Wattson and Caustic are no match for Valk outdoors

  12. With this game play all I have to say is I NEED THOSE SETTINGS NOWW😁😄😃😃

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