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The Viking Warlord Build Guide | Assassin's Creed Valhalla – The Perfect Setup For New River Raids!

Get ready for the next big Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update with this awesome build. Learn how to combine items, and choose the right weapons to rip through your enemies and stay alive on the battlefield. Codiak shares his Viking Warlord build, a set that doesn’t include ANY Helix store items so EVERYONE can get in on the action.

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50 comments on “The Viking Warlord Build Guide | Assassin's Creed Valhalla – The Perfect Setup For New River Raids!

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  2. That is not what a Viking warlord would have used. Socially high Vikings would have used a sword and a shield. Everyone used shields. The spear was mainly for the lower class. A Viking would not have worn brigantine either, but there is no actual mail armor in the game so honestly that is probably the closest thing. Love the content, but don’t call it a warlord build. It isn’t

  3. Glad to see my build before end game was very similar to this, mixing them two sets. I think the seax tip is good, I am revisiting the build/skills etc for the new content and this video was excellent! Thanks man.

  4. How cool would it be if we could mix the builds and choose what perks we want to include,

    For instance you could choose either the first or second perk from one set and mix it. That we could mix not just first perks of different sets, but be able combine second perk as well, it would give us so many more combinations

  5. #LegacyGaming I was stoked to watching this build, and turns out that it's almost exactly which gear I am rocking 😁 Although, I'm wielding 2 spears, Fafnir's Fang, and the Fyrd Spear for added spped after dodges! Keep up the great vids man👍

  6. Odin’s spear with fafnir fang or any other good spear. Cant beat the range of dual wield spears. Death Skald spear is fast and light. Defeat most zealots easily with all range. I agree overall with everything talked about here. I discovered this build after playing about 80 hours and finished main campaign. Looking forward to DLC. Great game

  7. Spear and Seax is a great combo, Used the Carolingian spear and Claw through early-mid game. Light attack combo with the spear which pushes all enemies around you away then charge into one with the finishing dagger off-hand dash.

  8. i just wish they would limit the amount of skill points that can be used in the skill tree, that way you would have to actually make choices, now everyone has all nodes filled anyway.

  9. I see a problem with death skald. The brigadine armor is the second to most heavy armor. Not only that but you've selected the chest and cloak for brigandine which are the heaviest pieces. You could still do the same build, but it makes more sense to choose the mentor set for cloak and chest piece and use brigandine for head arm or legs.

  10. Builds don't mean anything in this game. I can put a bunch of random stuff on and do just fine as if I built something specific. This is a glorified cell phone game. It's a shame what they have done to the Assassin Creed series

  11. The only difference I would use is the spear and dagger being vice versus..I really enjoy the swift attacks with the dagger. Plus when going up against enemies with spears, I am fond of using MY spear defensively. Otherwise, I love this build..oh, have enjoyed the Iso bow (secret weapon).

  12. Not a fan of when people playing Valhalla saying build…. there isn’t a real build, it’s called just put on another set of armor. Odyssey had a real build, and it wasn’t based around armor an weapons only.

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