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The Greatest Match of All Time? | Schmoedown Backstage #69

This week on Schmoedown Backstage, Ben Bateman, Ben Goddard, and Dwain Burke are joined by, Andrew “The Hunter” Dimalanta, “Lighting” Liz Shannon Miller, and “The Outlaw” John Rocha to talk about the fallout of last week’s Star Wars Championship match and preview Miller vs Rocha.

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26 comments on “The Greatest Match of All Time? | Schmoedown Backstage #69

  1. I knew Dan and Ben would be called Danger Zone. Dans nickname is Dangerous and Ben loves Top Gun

  2. Have Captains been revealed then? I've heard Goddard, Bibbs and Rocha announced on Backstage but heard nothing about the others.

  3. I think that the Star Wars title match was great and I honestly couldn't tell it wasn't live. Their switcharoo during the speed round was probably the only part where you could tell (if you've seen enough matches) that this wasn't live.
    My ONLY gripe with the match was that after the successful challenge, they IMMEDIATELY went back to asking questions. I honestly thought that the players would have deserved at least a 20 second breather. No idea whether this did happen and they cut it in the edit, but that was the only part where I was like "this is so unfair on Damon" – he just went through a rollercoaster of emotions and he came out on the bottom (and yes, Andrew also went through a rollercoaster, but he exited on a high, which is much better obviously…).

    P.S.: Not trying to show shade on Andrew's accomplishment, he totally deserves the title after that (and his past) performances – especially challenging in that crazy moment, which he doesn't get enough credit for.

  4. Shoutout to the guy who suggested Danger Zone to Bateman on action industries!

  5. Rocha saying there's an asterisk on Bateman's title win when he won the teams belts by cashing in his partners F4A title shot 😂

  6. Dan always has the best subtle jabs 😂 his “just got new headphones and don’t want to get them blown out by all that yelling” was really funny

  7. I love Rocha, but I'd love to see Liz go on a run, her record is actually great, only losses Vs champions.
    Either way, I'll be happy.

  8. Well that grand reveal was a bit of a technical disaster 😂😂
    But, happy it's finally revealed! Teams tournament will be awesome!

  9. In order for Andrew to hold the belt all year, he will have to beat Damon again, beat Laura, then beat two tournament winners. That’s crazy, but I believe he can do it!

  10. Greatest matches of all time in my opinion;
    1. Patriots vs ATL
    2. Murrell vs Rocha vs Riley
    3. Cushing vs Mike III
    4. Ghai vs Murrell
    5. Ken vs Witwer

  11. Ben, props to giving your teammate so much respect. I still think a decisive victory is at hand, only because you seem a lot more focused. Here's hoping for an awesome match!

  12. "Ben and Dan" is on paper for me a better team than "Dan and Rocha". It doesn't mean that Ben is a better player than Rocha but it means that the team might cover more diverse ground knowledge-wise.

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