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The GOP Needs to Admit It: Texas Is a Swing State

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21 comments on “The GOP Needs to Admit It: Texas Is a Swing State

  1. They can't admit it because of the election fraud narrative. Not just past, though. They need their base to fully believe that Texas is a given for GOP. That way, when it flips blue, the republican voters will literally fight against the results. The GOP knows that when Texas flips, it is over for them. The GOP has shown they will use any strategy to stay in power. The voter suppression laws can help stall their downfall, but they have to be ready to declare themselves winners of elections they lost.

  2. Texas is certainly NOT a swing state! They said the same thing in 2016, and 2020. Both wrong. The only real liberal area in Texas is Austin. And, that's bc that's where all the CA liberals ran to when they fled out of CA. They brought their failed liberal values with them to Texas. I am from south Texas, and there isn't a single person I know of that will vote demo. It's all wishful thinking from the left.

  3. well, that happens when ppl leave CA cause of bad blue policies, go to a red state and still vote for the same blue policies that made them move in the first place. It is actually sad.

  4. I mean you guys put all you can all your effort into Texas and this is was a very favorable year for you guys. And you could get it even under 5. And with Hispanics trending heavy red and suburbs looking like dems are maxing since the recent special elections that have happened. It’s really not going anywhere for a good amount of time. also in 2016 Texas trended 8% to the left and it only trended 1% to the left in 2020. So it’s not really going anywhere.

  5. Texas or Virginia aren’t swing states. Texas is a Lean to Likely Republican State and Virginia is a Lean to Likely Democratic State.

  6. The problem with this discussion is the term "swing state". Swing state means that the state SWINGS back and forth between both major parties. When was the last time Texas "swung" to the Democrats? 1994, which was 27 years ago. Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming have actually elected Democrats in that time frame so if anything they should be considered "swing states" before Texas is. Even if a state is "close", until it actually gives a statewide win to both parties it's not a "swing state"; it's just a state that's close but in the end reliably goes towards one party.

    And Texas's closeness is overstated. Democrats came within 3 points of winning the 2018 Senate race, 5.6 points of winning the 2020 Presidential race, and I think 2 points of winning an ag commissioner race in 2018 maybe. That's it. All the other many statewide races in Texas, Democrats have been losing and losing by greater than 6 points, usually double digits. To me that's not close. If Democrats' claim to "swing state" status is that ooh! they lost three races by a few points and some 20 others by double digits, that's hardly a strong claim.

  7. California used to be a firm red state. Now it's a firm blue state. By the way Californians are moving to Texas. Yes, Texas is a swing state. Good night Ted.

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