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  1. The new "Ragin Cajun" ??
    I hope so! Carville is getting a little old and we need a replacement!
    Thats you John! GO GET EM!

  2. Thank you for running John. I will continue to support you and your campaign and hope to see you in the Senate soon. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

  3. Let send Jawn Fetterman to Senate so you can represent the best interest of our state. Best wishes from Philly.

  4. I’m sending love and support from the south, Pensacola Florida! I sure hope I’ll have the chance to vote for you in a presidential race one day! Y’all would make an AMAZING First Family!

  5. ….the problem with the all the programs that democrats said would work is that we just didn’t have enough government, but if elected I will throw even more tax dollars we don’t have at the problem….and so on and so forth. The grift never changes.

  6. Finally, a man of integrity for Pennsylvania! We need more guys like you to stand up for a better America and reject the Trump mafia that has hijacked the Republican party.

  7. Can't wait to vote you into PA Senate!

    PS: I'm the person who gave a donation and noted that I'm a professional fundraiser. Reach out if you need support!

  8. How can you run for senate when your in prison? There coming! They have all information now!

  9. I have to say that we need you in Washington, but we could also really use you here as our Governor!

  10. John I’m looking forward to supporting you. I am so impressed with your story. I believe you will be the kind of senator this country needs.

  11. She's a Beauty to Johns Beastly size.

    Her good heart is unmatched by many.

    Asked at her free store ~ How do you know they're needy?
    Her response ~ Because they told me so.

    She's showing the world who she is and it's nice to see.

    Give until it works.

    How can you lose when a giant has your back.

  12. John- we WILL send you to the US Senate next year. You’ve done so much for Braddock and fought for freedom & equality for all as PA’s Lieutenant Governor. You’re the exact person we need representing us. You make us proud. I’m so proud to be one of the donors from PA, and so glad so many of my fellow Pennsylvanians gave what they could. I cannot wait to wear a Fetterman for Senate tshirt and have a number sticker on my car!

  13. The train whistle is perfect Pennsylvania!

    Already donated….


    Go John! Go!!!

  14. We need you to run for governor. I think you'd be a great senator, but we need you here.

  15. Your state needs you….our country needs you. The way you've continued to stand up and walk your talk during your political career is beyond inspiring, hopeful and healing. Keep being amazing x0x

  16. BTW, so nice to see you both within the same frame. I almost only recognize Lt Governor Fetterman from the neck down .

  17. Grateful for BOTH of you and your work for Pennsylvania !!! Give ole LEVI a big kiss xoxo

  18. Thank you! We need more people like you and Bernie! and the squad! John the #Squad !!!

  19. Always, family first. This country needs help. New energy. Different ideas. Not always the 'me first' attitude. Think on it. 👍

  20. You are the decency we need. I'm impressed and inspired by your dedication and vision for the future. You're a lovely couple.

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