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23 comments on “TAROT READING: 6th January & beyond

  1. I see Trump have their own way of thinking. The good thing is because of that he literally delayed world war 3 by defying order of satanic behind him. The bad things is not all of his policy is a right thing to do.

  2. Thank you & Bless You for walking us through this historic moment. I am re-visiting this reading after the events have unfolded and you were "spot on" on so many aspects of the chaos that ensued on the 6th. Ironically, you said that there would be restrictions…that there would be a big police presence to restrict the "protestors." The fact (that none of us could think possible) was that the police, national guard & other police presence were the ones DT's group restricted. Finally Pence called them in. This has been such a sad turn of events. You have been a life line for us & as always I am truly grateful for your kindness, insights and support. Blessings & Peace today and always dear sweet kind Spirit!

  3. 15;00 I'm making a few comments because I'm watching this today January 8th after the Insurrection at our capital and the comment you made at the 15:00 mark…. I really really do hope that they look in the mirror after the mess they have made.

    This reading is spot-on by the way thank you😊

  4. Jude Cowel of Stars over Washington Astrology recommended this video…thank you Jude. .very good reading!!!

  5. trump supporters has stormed the capitol which trump is responsible. 1 person died. People are asking to remove trump.

  6. Mary Ann, you really called the violence today in Washington DC. You were correct on every count.

  7. Thank you so much for seeing the the two senators would win!! Oh you have the gift for sure.

  8. Unfortunately, you where right Maryanne. A woman died after being shot in the neck at the Capital.

  9. Your right a woman has been killed, Washington DC, looks like Nazi germany in the 1930's!

  10. Goodness Maryann, l'm watching this on Jan 6th, as news has broken of the Trump supporters storming The House at Washington DC. I had to stop the video at around 11min mark because l've just seen footage which looked an awful lot like that Four of Swords card, the overhanging sword could easily be representing this lady's critical injury – and what you said was very close, then and throughout your video, to what's happening. Further on at around 24mins – you mention a surprise (from Trump?) – it's being reported that he's refusing to send in Washington DC national guard. There are surprisingly few police or guards at Washington DC right now. The governor of Virginia (is this the Queen of Swords card? Virginia of course is a woman's name, was the origin of Virginia to do with the Virgin Queen too?) has taken the decision to send in the National Guard from his state instead, and hopefully bring in some law and order.

  11. Would you do a reading on the American dollar please… it is dropping daily at the moment.

  12. It is obvious that The GOP has absolutely lost their minds . They cannot accept reality. They will eventually destroy themselves as they will be powerless within weeks to do anything. When Biden is Inaugurated on the 20th, they will have to face the music for their acts of Sedition. If one does not have the brains with the power to accomplish what they want but feel that arrogance is enough, black days will follow them for the rest of their lives. They have forgotten that government is a balance of 3 branches…… the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive. They don't even have all of the Republicans supporting them. They will end up in jail for their tenacious, corrupt behavior. The Democrats have proof that these Senators accepted bribes from Putin. Yes, they are not dealing with a full deck.

  13. Let it be dear GOD let it be Biden and Camilla put their hand accepting the job of the presidency. And honor their words to the AMERICAN people.

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