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Steve Forbes says Caitlyn Jenner has potential to win election with this plan

Forbes Media chairman tells ‘Fox Business Tonight’ liberal cities can take a conservative turn. #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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23 comments on “Steve Forbes says Caitlyn Jenner has potential to win election with this plan

  1. Of course — you aren't planning to interview John Cox or Kevin Faulconer, both excellent Republican candidates, are you? We want to hear from everyone! It took us a long time to get this recall election and it should be equal time for all candidates.

  2. I thought republican hate transgender….what a sucking party my god…we need to make this party paying bills again, and again..

  3. It does not matter who runs for Governor of California until voter integrity is addressed.

  4. What is your Alpha male ex-president going to think of this? Most importantly, what bathroom does she use if they have a fundraiser at Mar-a-largo? I see Trump dancing with her when the music starts just to be polite of course. I can't wait. You republicans can send in all the honey-traps you want but Calif going to keep our guy, Gavin in office.

  5. Take a look at her actual policies. I would vote for her to turn California a little redder. The rest is just semantics.

  6. Brucey pole vaults into the race, this takes a lot of balls, will shehe dance with self at inauguration, stay tuned for next episode of “Cali Misfits”

  7. Why doesnt it run for president ??????
    Then the U.S.A would really be the laughing stock of the world
    From joey b to joey she

  8. Guess the Kardasians want to have another contract for a show. Who knows talk is cheap it takes good money to buy whiskey.

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