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SNAKES AMONG US? Black Rifle Coffee Company & Brandi Love…

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Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) recently gave an interview to the New York Times where they had harsh words for many people in their consumer base. And on related note, Brandi Love, an adult entertainer, was also thrown out of an event by TPUSA. Should BRCC and Love be embraced by the right?

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34 comments on “SNAKES AMONG US? Black Rifle Coffee Company & Brandi Love…

  1. Some info since many people seem to not have the facts about the Brandi Love story:

    Brandi Love is Tracey Lynn Livermore's stage name. Brandi Love used her porn name while at the TPUSA event. She was not there as Tracey Livermore. She was there as Brandi Love.
    Brandi Love also posted photos of herself wearing her porn name name tag in front of the TPUSA displays on her social media account where she posts her porn.

    Of course TPUSA is in the right for not tolerating that.

  2. The only reason she was banned was because they got heat for the "Bang Energy Girls" and "Hooters Conservatism" last year.
    As a younger person, TPUSA as a whole is cringe AF…let's just be completely honest on that front.

    They literally brought more attention to this by not letting her speak or attend or whatever, than if they had just let her in.
    I know and have heard absolutely nothing else about the event aside from this….great job.
    Charlie Kirk (or TPUSA…who cares) is going to have one hell of a time winning the so-called "culture war" if heaven forbid a porn star ever agrees with them and they reel away in horror.
    Stage Name or Real Name be damned.

    It's just more of that tepid "we're just 'better' people overall" boomer conservatism that goes absolutely nowhere, accomplishes absolutely nothing and is only sought after when the Democrats need something to be labeled "Bi-Partisan"…

  3. Black Rifle has made a huge strategic error. There is nothing special about their coffee. People like me, who would buy Black Rifle because they support (publicly), otherwise I would buy Folgers.. they will be in bankruptcy within two years. Good business says never insult your customer, especially when they have done nothing wrong. If I had any in my kitchen I would mail what was left of it to their headquarters. Funny that the possibility of St Michael holding a modern weapon being generally offensive was never considered, just some half baked “story from the internet “ which was likely made up causes it to be axed.

  4. I watched the Kyle Rittenhouse video and as a Englishman with no skin in the game I'd say it was 100% self defense he didn't look for trouble and was being attacked with a deadly weapon. Oh I also drink Italian coffee they don't do political shit just good coffee.

  5. Lauren you really are falling under the actual conservative side of the the cart on the right you have two different sides you have the libertarian and then you have the true conservative libertarian is going to be okay with having a pornstar there because she isn't breaking the law she's not coming they're showing off for breasts or anyting else as long as she kept it G-rated at the event it doesn't matter what she does for a living. That is one of the beautiful things about Liberty everyone is free to do what they want economically within the confines of does it cause harm to others. The true conservative side will think about things in terms of the degradation of society at which point you are talking about family values and censorship over freedom. A true conservative or a religious conservative are going to have serious problems with Brandy loves profession a libertarian would never have problems with her profession so long as she didn't advertise it around children

  6. I love BRCC. Great coffee and funny people. Gonna drink it forever. You all live and die politics like you're gonna live forever to see it lmao.

  7. So I hear you about not "canceling" them for the Tweets they like and such. But, what bothers me is the brand they sell is supporting the second amendment. If Kyle Rittenhouse's actions weren't self-defense, then I have to ask what is? Do you have to be in your home to defend yourself? Do you have to dodge a few literal bullets first? Are like 5 people trying to club you and pointing a gun at you not enough? I don't think you can support America's second amendment and also not support Kyle Rittenhouse. I have a hard time believing those two things can be exclusive. Which leads me to believe they don't support the second amendment and their brand is a lie. How can I support that?

  8. Oh be quiet Lauren.

    I seriously doubt your internet history is as "conservative" as you proclaim.

    People like you are often the biggest hypocrites.

  9. I am a conservative that is TOTALLY on board with boycotting companies(well I guess not the company really just the leadership) cuz the point of boycotting is to make change so obviously the whole company isn't the same as the POS leadership, you still have to stand up till they make the changes. They made their self the conservative coffee brand and now they pull this crap so yeah they have to go, keep the company but get rid of the scammers, that is how it should be done

  10. BRCC is clearly more business than values so good riddance. I however must agree with the Conservative Twins and their view that as long as Brandi Love wasn't pushing her product at Turning Point she should not have been kicked out. She was conservatively dressed, not talking about her product, and focused on conservative politics. Many good conservatives and strident supporters of the Constitution aren't very religious; including most of the countries founders. And, some of our founders were pretty kinky.

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