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Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Full Guide – Genshin Impact

Quick guides for 4 quests: A Strange Story in Konda, Sacrificial Offering, Cleansing Defilement, and Yougou Cleansing.
Total rewards of 190 Primogems, Mask of Memories (Forging Manual for Hakushin Ring – 4* Catalyst), 150k Mora, 1,600 AEXP, and more!

A Strange Story in Konda
0:00 A Strange Story in Konda
0:50 Asking the 3 locals for information
3:55 Unlock and Explore the well in Konda Village
5:45 Well puzzle’s solution
6:30 Obtain Rust-Worn Key

Sacrificial Offering
8:15 Mysterious Shadow Puzzle Solution
10:08 Grand Narukami Shrine climbing the correct way
11:56 Obtaining Memento Lens Gadget (not Widget)
12:35 Reinvestigate the abandoned shrine
15:12 Breaking the Barrier under the abandoned shrine

Cleansing Defilement
16:18 Cleansing in Chinju Forest (Hayashi of Tanuki)
17:20 Find 3 little Tanuki
20:05 Break the Barrier in Chinju Forest
20:59 Cleansing below the tidal flats outside the Kamisato Estate
23:15 Break the Barrier below the tidal flats
24:14 Cleansing in Araumi
26:37 Break the Barrier in Araumi

Yougou Cleansing
28:46 Yougou Cleansing
29:37 Defeat Miasmic Tumor
31:12 – Phase 1 (pause for solution)
32:31 – Phase 2 (pause for solution)
34:28 – Phase 3 (pause for solution)


A Strange Story in Konda
• AEXP +350 EXP
• Primogem +40
• Mora +20,000

Sacrificial Offering
• AEXP +350 EXP
• Primogem +40
• Mora +30,000
• Hero’s Wit +3
• Mystic Enhancement Ore +6

Cleansing Defilement
• AEXP +500 EXP
• Primogem +60
• Mora +50,000
• Hero’s Wit +5
• Mystic Enhancement Ore +6

Yougou Cleansing
• AEXP +400 EXP
• Primogem +50
• Mora +50,000
• Hero’s Wit +5
• Mask of Memories (Forging Manual for Hakushin Ring – Inazuma 4* Catalyst)

Let me know if you have any questions! GLHF~


31 comments on “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Full Guide – Genshin Impact

  1. Guys I broke the game I did the araumi one accidentally before I finished the second one now the earth kisune didn’t spawn someone help please-

  2. I did all three but it did not register the middle one and now it says 2/3 in my quest. I have visited all three again and finished the pattern but it's not working. Someone help. I tried logging in again too. 😭😭😭😭

  3. Careful… Hes a hero!, seriously i searched for this guide but quick pin points but done the puzzle for the spirit of immersion and adventure, id like to thank you for making this quest a bit quicker to finish!

  4. The final Battle is sending me nightmares. I swear to god I`m about to commit a crime because of it and the one who made this quest…
    Also, Thank you so much for this video without you I was gonna be a mf who didn`t know where they are.

  5. 29:26 me:
    Kazuha lvl 90
    Barbara lvl 61
    Qiqi lvl 60
    Ninngguan lvl 30

    Me : we can do this 😼

    It’s not going good :]

    The last step mess me up

    But I did it wuuu

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