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  1. I remember watching this live thinking “this is the worst thing trumps ever done”

  2. Watching this in late February, knowing that Nancy Mace was a “No” on impeachment.

  3. Never In my life would I ever see our nations Capitol invaded by insurrectionists waiving a flag of traitors. I got to see Washington D.C myself last year and it was just an amazing city. Seeing it like this breaks my heart

  4. This stupid weird election talk guy doesnt realize that protests in
    washington dc were peaceful. the democrats made antifa protests in
    washington dc which caused the violence. protests by republicans were
    peaceful only very little republicans were not peacful

  5. This stupid weird election talk guy doesnt realize that protests in
    washington dc were peaceful. the democrats made antifa protests in
    washington dc which caused the violence. protests by republicans were

  6. This is what happens when both sides do not let up this is going to get worse

  7. There have to be severe consequences for insurrection, and for Trump inciting insurrection. Fullest extent of the law.

  8. As a French I watched this happening live around 11 PM and was genuinely terrified by what I saw.
    I dont’ like the USA (even if I still think it’s a fascinating country) but seeing these scenes of near civil war in this great nation was truly heartbreaking for me.
    This was super ironic considering the fact that I just had a test about the American Dream today.
    I really hope you guys will be able to repair the damaged image of your nation and wish you good luck !

  9. You have to understan Trump is a selfish Demoguage. Among a shit ton of other things, he stoked up this election fraud lie since from the middle of 2016 nevermind 2020, saying if he lost to Hillary Clinton the election was rigged. Then when he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote by 3 million he said they were illegal aliens that somehow voted, so this is by no means out of the blue and has been building in its present fotm for the past six years. And the modern ground work for it started back with the Birthaism lie against Obama in 2008 that Trump joined and fanned the flames with until "renouncing" it late in the 2016 Campaign. This is theblogical outcome of the most selfish man that has ever held the Presidency BY FAR, to use one of his favorite slogans.

  10. Where was the aggression of the police officers to this group of people??? Any other protest that has been held that they deem the crowd to the “aggressive” you have them beating, arresting and forcefully taking them down. Here these cops look like mall cops with no power. It’s embarrassing that they were even able to get that far in the capital and do that much damage.

  11. 1st: we die because of the american civil war
    2nd: we die because of the corona virus
    3rd: we die because of climat change

  12. If you lose any supporters over your comments here, they were the type of people you don't want to be supported by anyway. It's best for those toxic types to just weed themselves out of your audience

  13. They need to be locked up the law enforcement there was pathetic I wouldn't want them protected me.

  14. But one reason they got so far was because their was some Officers takeing pictures with the people who were trying to get in the Capital some even open the gates in let them in . But I wonder if these were Black people would the they go so easy on these people I wonder would it take this long for the National Guard to show up would only 85 gone n jail and I can tell you right now their would probably be more than one person dead. We are seen how fast they pushed Peaceful protesters just for the President to take a photo And that was crazy and wrong. But no it is different this time that time it was Black life matters this time it was Trump supports and we all know how easy Trump likes his base

  15. To all those people who broke in the senate they should be in Jail for life and I just don’t understand how they only got 85 people their was a lot more than a 100 people their I don’t understand why it took so long it took for the National Guard to show up Like this is the Capital of the United Sates of America for god sake. There is no way that it took that long for them to take back the Capital I mean this made us look bad especially Worldwide I mean Russia is probably laughing at this so hard come on we are better than this .

  16. This is Trump fault that they tired to take over the Capital. He said the election was fraud and stolen but he won he told his people to leave and they are special and good people and he love them . How can you love them when they tried to take over the Capital of the United States of America how can you even feel comfortable with yourself saying that !!!!!!!! You know I think of if he was never President would we be in this situation .

  17. People are ignorant of profitability in bitcoin, that's why investing right now will be the Wise's thing to do, especially with the current rise

  18. We know it's not antifa because there are well-known Trump supporters there with video bragging about what they have done.

  19. You can't say "Go home, we love you" and lie that "They are doing evil things to us, and you have to stand up for your country" in the same sentence.

    That tweet was honestly more harm than good.

  20. No guy, you won’t lose support, in fact you may gain some just for pointing out the obvious.

    If I can take care of any raider that comes in my place with using force, then so should Congress. Especially in the capitol.

  21. Don’t worry about losing people’s support. They weren’t worth keeping if they think this isn’t sick. You’re doing great my guy.

  22. If we are ever going to resolve anything, we must vote for another party instead of the 2 Elite Establishment party. It's time for progressives to move on from the Democratic party and traditional republican voters to leave the Republican party. Let it all dissolve and maybe we can have a sane political party that represents the working class.

  23. Only got into politics mid 2020 because of obvious reasons but honestly felt like I had no choice tbh.

  24. Let me just remind you all; it took a full-blown riot in the United States Capitol, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time, to get Kelly Loeffler and other Republicans to change their minds on objecting the election results. (as of 9 pm, EST, 1/6/21)

  25. After January 20th All those Proud Boys and Neo-confederates can get labeled as Terrorist organizations.

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