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RINO Mitt Romney Spotted and Heckled At Airport And On Flight By Conservatives

GOP Senator Mitt Romney was spotted in the airport on his way back to DC for the all important electoral college certification…it didn’t go well. Americans let him know both in the airport and on the plane how they felt about his abandonment of the American people.

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30 comments on “RINO Mitt Romney Spotted and Heckled At Airport And On Flight By Conservatives

  1. wow what a nut bag. sad to see the total intolerance by trump supporters on their way to murder police.

  2. AOC, Pelosi, Warren , Shumer, and about 75% of the others (Senate and Representatives) are NOT for the American people, they are in it for the money.

  3. Nancy is so scared trump will run in2024 she wants him impeached before he leaves she is full of hate !!!

  4. Watching this simply reminded me that politicians are the most mediocre of people. Mediocre and ineffectual.

  5. Hey Americans…you want to know where we are headed? Look at LA and Seattle, Oregon. That’s what the New Democrat admin is going to make the whole country look like. I guess you get what you ask for. The dems will just keep printing money as they destroy the people that pay their way with every cent the politicians can steal. We need a national petition to force term limits for all politicians and their deep state un elected crooks. Then we need another petition to force the politicians to have the exact entitlements they force on us…health insurance, transportation, postage, etc. make sure that in 2years, we vote every rino out of office.

  6. The constitution is effective ONLY when those people in the position of power follows it. When the people voted into the position do not follow the constitution, those in position of power like the judge, law enforcer, do not care about those breaking the rules, and when the election is rigged, your vote do not matter.

    This is how communist countries are able to rule for so long. The swamp and the leftist media, big tech and far left are the communist. You will all soon feel the effect of communist rule.

    That is the end of USA and welcome to communist USA.

  7. Hey Drew….I saw lots of posts with pictures of Antifa goons dressed like trump people actually the ones who broke into the Capital!

  8. Theres a certain amount of stupid i can take, but now i just cant. Ye olden days he would've done as he was told, but now the laws have changed making smarmy self important d bags untouchable.

  9. What good Ole MIT can't afford to fly first class.
    Can't afford to Charter an airplane..
    Oh I know he's too honest to get on a government plane, for some made-up little fact-finding tour so he can charge the taxpayers.
    Who the f names their kid MIT..
    Is his brother named Catchers

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