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Resolution to Create Kobe Bryant Day Submitted by California Congresswoman

The “Black Mamba” is being recognized in our nation’s capital.

This week, a Southern California congresswoman is submitting a resolution to make August 24 Kobe Bryant day. BNC correspondent Walter Morris is at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles and joins “Start Your Day” with more details. For basketball fans, both young and old, Bryant’s legacy lives on. Congresswoman Michelle Steel, a Republican representative from the 48th district, cites Bryant’s accomplishments on and off the court. The NBA champion founded the Bryant Family Foundation to help homeless and at-risk youth. Steel says he used his platform to inspire millions and help children around the world achieve success.

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7 comments on “Resolution to Create Kobe Bryant Day Submitted by California Congresswoman

  1. We don't need this!!! A great athlete he was but there are other more important issues we are facing. They can consider this but can't pass an ANTI LYNCHING BILL or POLICE REFORM BILL. This is just to keep us quiet on these issues along with reparations

  2. This is a distraction #ADOS needs Reparations owed not a non tangible. Keep your mind on something that can raise up our community how about a Hate crime law for ADOS . Entertainment and celebrities are only distractions for tangibles for #ADOS.

  3. Thanks but, we really don't need more symbolism. Just cut the check already. That would be something great that would carry on through the generations. #ReparationsForADOS

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