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13 comments on “Relying on unemployment benefits

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  2. Many daycares closed and never reopened. Parents cant just leave young kids home alone. Open the daycares so parents can go back to work. Many rural areas of Michigan have NO daycares opened.

  3. It should never be more beneficial to stay home instead of working. But the government should have never given so much out. This created a ridiculous expectation of what employers could pay. Now of it is a large company backed by a global organization, it’s different. But to expect small business owners to be able to afford to pay that kind of money out is unrealistic. But we keep going back to the one side fits all idea that doesn’t work.

  4. Her husband is looking for dental, does she have teeth? I am not watching this again to find out.

    Also why was there words over Fraser’s head.

  5. It's funny how the vaunted 'market' only gets to decide when it's in favor of the upper classes… When the 'market' decides that higher wages are needed, suddenly the upper classes are howling "unfair!"

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