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Reds vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (4/28/21) | MLB Highlights

Reds vs. Dodgers full game highlights from 4/28/21

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20 comments on “Reds vs. Dodgers Game Highlights (4/28/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. ah yes sr i like to get in do that one dlid and it is a great day 2 be in do it 2 be a 1,

  2. So Sonny Gray is having a career day with 11 strikeouts, only down 2 runs which is def surmountable…and they take him out? And then their relief staff gets rocked after that? That's b.s.

  3. This game is the worst, perhaps because they were working from home. 2020 way better, this game is a base hit not a home run

  4. I hope LA can get a ring in a full legit season (besides the 7 inning Manfredstations) they deserve to get one that isn’t asterisked they’ve been good for a long time now

  5. Dodgers need to trade for a 2nd baseman. Gavin lux ain't it. And Aj pollock swinging at constant garbage doesn't help either

  6. Awful performance today. Missed chances and bad fielding. That 8th inning was horrendous. Congrats to LA and Clayton Kershaw on the shutout.

  7. He better. I still worried about the dodgers bullpen and the poor hitting. Hopely they'll start hitting as they should. The bullpen should be addressed. They need josh hader and another quality reliever. Not those washed out arms that get injured just after throwing a pitch. That's the result of going out looking for cheap pitchers with minor league contracts.

  8. Les dodgers ont fait un super beau match bravo à Justin turner qui à très bien frappé la balle

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