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Real Estate Investing vs. Stock Market

The stock market has been more volatile than ever. Is the real estate market as volatile? Which assets are better suited for you? What is the difference between them, and which investing strategy is better for you?


4 comments on “Real Estate Investing vs. Stock Market

  1. Hey Rep,

    You’ve literally helped change my life today with the quality of the information in your videos and how you deliver all of these details clearly and effectively.

    Will you please make a video describing how you go about choosing good properties for section 8 tenants, regarding their location, amenities and what not?

    Best regards,

  2. Dividend paying stocks are a good example. In a margin account you can tap the equity very easily for very cheap. The benefit and detriment of real estate is the liquidity. Daily mark-to-market on stocks make it easy to sell for a loss. Real estate is only valued when refinanced or sold and usually the owner is bias to waiting to sell for a gain. We invest in both but real estate forces you to be a long term investor which is the best for wealth creation.

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