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President Joe Biden discusses what's next on his legislative agenda l GMA

The president also weighs in on the future of the filibuster in the Senate and gives an update on his dog, Major.

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48 comments on “President Joe Biden discusses what's next on his legislative agenda l GMA

  1. Wow this absolute demented lunatic is even worse than I thought. Thank God the fake media is finally being exposed for the propaganda agents they are.

  2. This presidency is nothing more than a political agenda to advance the Democratic Party without any regard to the safety and well being of the American people

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  4. Stephanopoulos stick to reporting on The Bachelor and Dancing with the stars, this type of reporting is what you are good at and what ABC considers real news.

  5. What's next for Joe Biden….hmmmm…well he's looking to start a civil war by allowing americans to bitch and whine at eachother causing more violence and rioting and not stepping in to stop them while infringing on rights to bare arms AND decreasing the American peoples ability to defend themselves, picked a fight with Russia and China annnnnddddd then bitched up, and most recently during his Asia tour is getting threats from North Korea for doing military drills with South Korea along the shores of North Korea. This man is a bumbling idiot and gonna get everyone killed. That's his next step getting everyone in the world to fight and die and the funniest thing the government's letting him while he pisses in the wind to blow it in everyone's faces.

  6. With our adversaries just itching to take advantage of this stupid old fool (and us as well) is there any wonder why China helped him get elected????

  7. Thank God this man is president. No wild conspiracy theories. No racist comments. No sexist comments. Just, nice. He's a nice man. I love you, Joe. I LOVE YOU, JOE! GOD BLESS YOU! You're doing a GREATTTTTTTTTTTT job!!!!

  8. Just so we are all on the same page sixty days in and gas has gone up fifty cents , our borders are overrun and men can compete in women's sports can't wait to see what this moderate has planned for the remainder of his term …

  9. GMA a long Disney commercial. George worked for Clinton so you know he’s corrupt. Disney pushes woke crap and ruined Star Wars, Marvel and everything that once made them worth while.

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