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Power Book 3: Raising Kanan Episode 2 Recap

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23 comments on “Power Book 3: Raising Kanan Episode 2 Recap

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  2. I think we're mixing reality with fiction..they have to do curtain things to make the show entertaining…we all know our mom would'nt act this way…and we dont know who shot buck20. They both was shooting. And lets not forget, Kanan shot his own son for some bullsh*t…nice channel keep up the good work

  3. I worked at the boys and girls club and the parents who are neglectful or on drugs behave like Davina's mother and spill their buisness infront of everybody using curse words. Sad

  4. Kanan is fully responsible for his friends death his actions to kill Buck 20 cause a bunch of reactions he wasn’t aware of but we gotta keep in mind he’s only 15 so yeah

  5. I think Raq likes men who can teach her different things like she even said Kanan father taught her the drug game so I think she has a fascination for men who teach her different ways of life

  6. They did a bad job at giving Davina’s background. Her mom just busts in the office telling her life story in 2 sentences. They coulda did a better job than that.

  7. Dwiz was talking too much about the body. He wanted to claim it the body for everyone to know. Kanan didn’t want to wear that jacket. But Dwiz’s downfall wasn’t that he was talking. His downfall was not getting low. After killing buck20 he and Kanan shoulda went on the run or got low for a while.

  8. Some things I see opening up… symphony is going to get her into investing into the community

    Also the lady at the club said she has cleaner product… that’s going to come back… hopefully for the team… I hope Marvin brings it to the team and not try to start his own

  9. I had low hopes for the show when the announcement was out for the power universe but now I’m really loving the series. I liked the 1st episode but I didn’t think it was the greatest as everyone else did but it’s explains a lot of why Keenan was the way he was and why it was not the bad guy. It was really ghost.

  10. I agree with everything you said lol, I was surprised, didn’t care for this book too and I’m enjoying it. Let’s see what happens

  11. I haven't watched any episode yet. Power has gotten played out for the most part IMO. It's so over the top it's SILLY. I never seen so many dope dealers wearing designer clothing. At least take it down a few thousand.

    I will be checking out Tommy's spinoff though.

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