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Pop Smoke allegedly was Killed by a 15 year old over a $2000 Rolex while he was Naked takin a shower

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Pop Smoke being allegedly Killed by a 15 year old and his Gang over a Rolex later sold for $2000.

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35 comments on “Pop Smoke allegedly was Killed by a 15 year old over a $2000 Rolex while he was Naked takin a shower

  1. Someone said, "you got me". I am not acting and if they don't show the right initiative then I will leave them in the dust making progress with obtaining my goals. Either way it is domestic abuse.

  2. Stress causes sleep paralysis. Anxiety causes total paralysis. See what I could mean now? I will take care of things. Jehovah will burn the trash. Jehovah God is the most high, so if there are levels to this, you all mostly are pure lost garbage. Living beings that are actually pretty much garbage, though actually alive. If you don't fit my requirements you are the type to betray. And the 144,000 is no more if (blank blank). For if you fit my requirements that means you will never betray me and currently I approve of you, my family of my own will never betray me. Jesus has 144,000 faithful ones that will be in heaven with him. No one is as high as me, I know God by his person and most accurate name, I know his qualities, I know who His only-begotten Son is. Made easy. I am God's best friend in our time for as long as I live I will be His earthly best friend.

    Forgive me for the long passages in increments if you want to.

    For Jehovah the most impeccable. Forward!

  3. All Rolex watches have over 100m of water resistance and it's super common for watch owners to take their watches into the shower. There's nothing weird about this situation.

  4. I am not running away. I am taking over the world… It doesn't matter what you can go and get, I am still alive to kill you if you do anything I said you won't, so look alive if you are still alive, that means you are doing good to me honeys. Which means I will always have the advantage no matter what you say and/or do. I will have to wipe out all of life and will if anyone does anything I said they will not. No one will do anything I said they will not. We don't need psychiatrists, no help zone! Nothing but adversaries everywhere anyway.

  5. React to “HBU” by lil j Hollywood !!!! He’s a 13 year old rapper🔥 the video is on 6ixbuzz


  7. No such thing as crazy. Just be on your "Ps and Qs". I don't believe in magic, they consider me a magician and mage. I make happen what I have goals to happen. They call me a demon and the bible teaches to let others praise you rather than you praising yourself. No one will ever take my life. These things I say I know to be true. Not boasts. I don't live in a mansion remember.. I boast in Jehovah. Nothing is impossible though. All the ways of the world are wrong. I am not interested in friends and people getting to know me. That is what the damned do. I don't make overstatements. I am not insecure, only a jealous person is insecure to brag.

    What is it? Sexual assault is not limited to rape but includes other forms of sexual contact involving threats, force, or intimidation.
    How does it affect people? “The saddest thing is [that] it doesn’t just affect you while you’re being abused,” explains a rape victim. “It stays with you and haunts you for a long time and changes your outlook on life. It also changes the lives of your loved ones.” Of course, the victim is not responsible for the sexual assault. The aggressor bears that responsibility.
    What can you do?
    * Do not ignore your feelings. “If a place or person makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy—leave,” advises a police department in North Carolina, U.S.A. “Don’t let anyone convince you to stay if your instincts are telling you otherwise.”

    * Act confidently; be focused. Sexual predators hunt for the unsuspecting and vulnerable. So walk confidently and stay alert.

    * React quickly. Scream. (Deuteronomy 22:25-27) Escape or fight back using the  element of surprise. And, if possible, run to a safe place and call the police. *

    (If anyone says to you that they know where so-and-so live, call 911, I submit tips because they don't be immediate threats. I have friends and interests. So I am nothing to scream at.)

  8. You are not a professional if you do not know who I am. Ask all the professionals about me. They will tell you they know me. Stop sapping off those lames.

  9. The agenda I came up with for us is the only agenda that is ours! Not separate ones of our own, none of that Satanic stuff! Those females don't have separate agendas from this one I came up with for us. Our agenda is the one I came up with for us. Some of those females kids got taken away form them. Others divorced. I am taking over the world while everyone is distracted. All these other Governments will be crushed just as the bible teaches. I will not fail, I am getting away with it as I said I will, how I said I will. Don't fight it…😊 If you help me then succeed at it, never try to do it like it is a gamble, just do it.

    This is Satan's world so no one other than me has an agenda of their own. And why the bible teaches that everyone is blaspheming, including those worshiping. Honesty right? Yes, it is.

  10. This reminds me of Christ's second coming. If you don't get it, all of Jehovah God's people make up the body of Christ. We work together to do what is right. Where the spiritual food is made is where the mind is. Studying is like eating. Going to places where there are people is like walking to these places, you walk to get somewhere. Working hand and hand with God concerning preaching the good news of the Kingdom is with the hands. The seed of Satan are all of Satan's followers that have adopted his wicked ways and who promote human self-determination as opposed to rule by God and Christ. —Psalm 2:7-12. Like how Moses on his part hit the stone, God made the water flow out, all so that God's people could drink. By preaching is how the figurative serpent will be crushed by the heel of Christ. Some places are dangerous to go to.

    Note how I have been saying, "on my part" what I will do. Note that you pity me like how you pity Noah in the bible. God's Kingdom will not be set up by human hands. What I will do is make a home outside of this world. Because the bible teaches if you don't want the enemies to have anything to do with you then get out of the world. Jehovah has no parts with the world so where God's people will be outside of the world is where his focus will be, organizationally. Moses wasn't worthy, I am. Moses killed, I don't, others kill for me. What I say is the truth. Others are the liars and slanderers. Their females are candy. I will make a home, where I have chosen and others will make homes elsewhere after the world has been crushed. Again like with the water coming out of the rock by Jehovah making it do that, not Moses, I am Just going to make a home for me and my own family, God will establish the Kingdom right there, The victorious Kingdom, represented by a large stone, is “set up” by God himself, not by human “hands.” Hence, it is rightly called God’s Kingdom.

    Think about it this way women. If you are doing something for God then you are only doing your part as a helper, the Kingdom then isn't set up by human hands. Getting the sense of a Kingdom is all in the mind among buildings right? Daniel wrote: “A stone was cut out [of a mountain] not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of molded clay and crushed them.” (Daniel 2:34) A mountain is figurative for a government. The bible also teaches that when we go back to where those of the world were residing, they won't be there anymore, all dead and gone. So the buildings of the Kingdom will still take place, you all would think it is us pretty much establishing a new Government. I will do just what is on my end since someone has to be the leader under Christ, I mean, just as these world powers are nice to everyone and respect each other's boundaries and help each other and have leaders, presidents, the same needs to be established among God's people too.

    Recognize the sign.

    The sign of the end includes global war, “great earthquakes,” “pestilences,” and major “food shortages.” (Luke 21:10, 11; Matthew 24:7, 8; Mark 13:8) Also marking the “last days” would be a serious moral and spiritual breakdown in society. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Have “all these things” occurred? (Matthew 24:8) Yes —to the point that many people fear the future. The newspaper The Globe and Mail stated: “Some of the most respected thinkers about science and society are issuing alarming prognostications about humanity coming to an end.” Even those worshiping Jehovah blaspheme, how ironic.

    (Read the bible for yourselves. The Galatians in the Bible checked for themselves what was really taught in the bible, so why shouldn't you if even Satan knows the bible but fails at life and is the father of haters.) I have read the entire New testament. I read all the Prophet's "books", Proverbs, Psalms, The Song of Solomon. The Pentateuch, I stopped reading when the parts of a sacred thing got too far for me to recall all the pieces. Studied them. This isn't something I am into just because you think so. It is important like how you work hard or smart or whatever for a living. Most of the stuff to pray for that the bible has I have already done that. I am worthy to be the earthly President forever, Jesus is the Heavenly one. I am not a spirit creature so figuratively, Jesus is what it is going to take to remove what is wrong with the world of Satan.

    It's symbolic of what I am getting at. Me being the permanent president under Jesus. It can be considered as literal too. Since the man is the rightful head of the household. No experiments. My kids mean a lot to me and I will not play with their lives. No fake love. They get cheated on without you telling them to cheat on you. Their loss. I actually care about women, faithful women. They don't betray me and will not. If you really don't like girls we aren't friends.

    If they say to another but that one or more doesn't check then that one lying is trying to get other men to be homosexual with him. The Galatians in the bible were people who checked for themselves instead of listening to others. Imitate them. Because I am not lying. There are people in Africa starving, pestilences. God's word encourages wealth so that means I preach for your wealth. This is me preaching because I am not homosexual, they slander me because they want as many men to be strictly homosexual. Men aren't supposed to be bonding. I don't mess with none of the men. But they break the rules knowing that male bonding only leads to homosexuality. Watch 'em prove me right.

    In one very important respect, however, those prognostications are wrong —humanity itself will not end. In fact, the intervention by God’s Kingdom guarantees it! When giving the sign of the end, Jesus Christ stated: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) How has this prophecy unfolded? In over 230 lands, Jehovah’s Witnesses are proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the title of their primary journal is The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom —Jehovah being God’s personal name. (Psalm 83:18) The Witnesses’ program of Bible education is helping countless individuals and families to replace harmful lifestyles with clean and peaceful conduct that conforms to God’s standards. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) As a result, millions of people worldwide are confident that they will gain God’s protection when his Kingdom intervenes in mankind’s affairs. Indeed, they will see with their own eyes the fulfillment of Christ’s model prayer, sometimes called the Lord’s Prayer, which states, in part: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10, King James Version) Have you wondered what life on earth will be like when all humans love and obey God? The following Bible passages may help you to understand why the expression “good news” is fitting.

  11. If you are trying to help me out, that doesn't mean you are. The word try is an indicator word for failed attempt. I don't try to succeed at what I do, I accomplish it. I don't use the word try. If you do I will kill. Don't try, DO it! Or I will kill you for playing with me. I told Satan to let me use his resources as I attain my goals. That's all this is. Mind your business or be minded business next.

  12. Not surprising that the victim gets shot when he tries to fight back. Seems like PS wasnt going down without a fight against some young dudes.

  13. Maybe I'm old asf at 28 but this shit is predicable. BLM? Stop worrying about the white folk and worry about the poison of black media and 'urban culture'

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