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PlayStation 5 Shortage Reportedly Stretching Into 2023 – How Will This Impact Next-Gen Gaming?

Within the last year, the chip shortage has caused strains across numerous industries including gaming. If you are hoping to easily secure a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or RTX 30 graphics cards, it likely won’t happen until 2023. How exactly will this impact next-gen gaming going forward? Let’s discuss! Thank you all so much for watching True Believers, and make sure to like this video, share, comment, and subscribe!

The Chip Shortage Affecting Every Part Of Gaming Could Drag Into 2023:

PS5 Sales Top 10 Million – Worldwide Hardware Estimates for July 4-10 – Sales:

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40 comments on “PlayStation 5 Shortage Reportedly Stretching Into 2023 – How Will This Impact Next-Gen Gaming?

  1. Spider-Man movies which I like from good to bad

    Sam Raimi Spider-Man 1&2 is good,Jon watt's Spider-Man Homecoming,Spider-Man 3 then
    Marc Webb's The Amazing
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    Spider-Man far from home

  2. Lmao meanwhile Joseph Witty out here
    Making corny community posts, “if you don’t get a PS5 in the next years that’s a YOU problem” 🤣

  3. Saying God of War and Gran Turismo 7 being multiplatform is a good thing is Sony business talk to sell more PS4 games and hold back people who purchased a next-gen console. Mark Cerny said since the SSD runs 5X faster than the PS4, native PS5 games will always be better. God of War 2 will be running on a 9 year old console. There were PS4 shortages for a year and it didn't hold back Infamous Second Son.

  4. Vg charts is not reliable like at all. Not saying it hasn't crossed 10 million but yeah… Their fiscal year's first quarter has ended so they will provide the numbers soon.

  5. Great Video Man!!! Hope Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Will Get Announced In August Rumoured PlayStation Event! And I Hope Its A BIG Event Instead Of a State Of Play! But We'll Just Have To Wait And see! Patience And Fingers Crossed! 🤞

  6. yo evan i really can never buy a ps5 due to personal reasons but thats why i want the sequel of marvel's spider man to be the last spidey ps4 game i want to play on ps4 so i could atleast experience how insomniac develops the black suit
    please agree

  7. Ain’t no damn way this will stretch into 2023, fuck that man. They need to start selling those things in stores when they have enough made to ship. Spider-Man 2 has to be a PS5 exclusive, I don’t want it held back one bit. I don’t wanna buy a PS5 online, I wanna walk into Walmart or Target and buy it right there.

  8. Not really in a rush to get a ps5 but I would like to get one in the future even if it takes a while. Games I want to play on the system are FF16, Spider-Man, Ratchet/Clank, and Persona 6 (When that happens)

  9. May I ask you Why do you care about all this so much it's not that important considering the circumstances around the world it's a piece of hardware made by a company that doesn't care about you just your money why do you care about it so much

  10. Actually I've seen a store close here to my house where they have like 8 or 9 PS5 units but the price tag it's over 1150$ or something and Although it's ridiculously expensive, the attenders of the store told me this can be a good and bad thing, good because with that price the PS5 won't get immediately sold out but a bad thing because that means people will have to either trying to get that amount of money (which I highly doubt they are going to do) or wait until 2022 or 2023 for the units to be available worldwide which I don't think people will have the patience to wait that long just for a next gen console so yeah this is a weird and sad situation at the same time.

  11. I really hope this doesn't make the sequel cross gen. I want to see a next gen web swinging experience.If the game is cross gen then it means we wont have a faster web swinging at all bec the ps4 cant handle a faster web swinging than miles morales but with the ps5 ssd we can have a real fast experience

  12. I’m sure people who have PS5s are sick and tired of us last gen people complaining, but MAN. It is one of the most annoying things knowing I might get spoilers before I get to play new titles. What if the new Spider-Man game comes out and I still don’t have one? Then I have to avoid spoilers until I can get the console. This sucks.

  13. This is why im pissed at sony for making most of their games next gen exclusives, with a few exceptions that is. Most of their playerbase is currently on ps4 and will be for years to come until this mess is sorted out. Like u cant tell me square enix couldn't have made FF7 integrade and its dlc on ps4?! Its not like it takes unique advantage of the ps5 hardware like ratchet and clank does. And death stranding directors cut being ps5 exclusive?! Wtf..🤬😡 they do that and yet they release Horizon 2 and spiderman miles morales on ps4 as well as possibly God of war ragnarok. Their strategy is f*cked up and all over the place..😒🙄

  14. My hype for the PS5 has pretty much died when Sony started to censor Japanese style games and also lowering development for Japan Studio.

    I still love Insomanic's Spider-Man and Miles. I will likely get a PS5 in the future but not Day 1 for the next Spider-Man game since I can at least wait.

  15. how the fuck are they honestly making PS5 games if there's gonna be shortages going into 2023, like what the fuck are they thinking? they're giving up so much money by not focusing on getting more ps5's made

  16. I just don't understand why Spiderman 2 can't be cross gen. I mean, the only things the PS5 would add is technical stuff. I don't see why we have to be screwed over because of quicker load times and higher performance. I mean, they will lose so much money

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