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Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose #2 VLOG | My Experience & Symptoms

Dose #2 of the Pfizer COVID vaccine was no joke yall! In this video, I show you my experience including mishaps during the injection, symptoms, and the recovery. All in all, I am so thankful to now be fully vaccinated.

Getting the Vaccine – 1:15
Post-Vaccine Reaction – 4:45
10 hours Post-Vaccine – 6:03
Morning After Vaccine/First Onset of Symptoms – 7:00
More Symptoms – 9:18
28 Hours Post-Vaccine/Peak Symptoms – 11:55
Symptoms Resolving – 17:31
Day 2 Post-Vaccine/No Symptoms – 18:15
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I am Julia Carter, a third-year medical student, avid traveler, and self-proclaimed foodie. On my channel, I will highlight my journey through medical school and life and provide resources and information that may be useful to you. Check out my website and blog posts at!


50 comments on “Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose #2 VLOG | My Experience & Symptoms

  1. Why???? I refuse to be a lab rat! Good luck in a year sweetie! No vaccine for me.

  2. Not a huge medicine taker but took the experimental vaccine 🤔 makes sense to me…wow the mind control is real

  3. Thank you for this video. It doesn’t seem like the symptoms were as bad as I think it would be. Just got my 2nd dose 5 hours ago, and I just have a sore arm.

  4. Girlllll I feel you I got my second dose of pfizer dose I still feel like shit 2 days later I hope you feeling better stay blessed.💙💙💙

  5. Our government is lying to us we are getting ready to have another horrible horrible horrific pandemic and it is the shot it's going to be really bad with everyone has tried to tell people not to get it that knows they have been giving doctors $40,000 to every hundred shops that they give have to write something else so they will take it off wonder why they doing that and for every person under 18 they get $80,000 per hundred we all know what this is in this get ready to come out very soon they made it to where the symptoms would not show up for a couple months so everyone can get it I am trusting in my Lord and Savior why would anyone young get it when you chance beating this virus under 65 99.9 percent I feel so bad for the ones that have taken it for they have so been lied to

  6. Let me know how you feel in 6 months . You might be singing a different tune Ms guinea pig 😉

  7. I get mine tomorrow, then the second shot. Sometimes I feel like I have fibromyalgia. My fiancé got his, he had a bad experience. I’m so nervous. Your such a inspiration n beautiful person. I’m so proud of you 😀✨ gives me some hope I really hate the Covid I pray for everybody n their families also.

  8. Sick of hearing how people are bashing the vaccine. Dont like it? Dont take it simple as that. No need to go tin foil on everyone and ram all these stories up there head. I'm sure the people who died or got sick from it already had a compromised immune system. God bless all. And remember nobody wants to hear tin foil ideas and information

  9. I don’t like taking meds either, but do you think taking Tylenol before or after would help symptoms??
    Thanks for this video! 🥰

  10. According to the Canadian Data, the second dose is known to cause symptom in more than 50% of people but it seems to be worse the younger you are.

  11. You are absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your experience in getting the vaccine. I pray that you feel much better going forward! I'm due for my second Pfizer shot next week btw. Blessup!

  12. Thank you for this video ……. best of luck in your medical career …….. your making a great start ,

  13. It was really painful watching your ignorance about it all! I'm glad you didn't get a serious side effect like thousands have. Thousands have died. THE experimental shot which is NOT fda approved, only emergency authorized meaning you are the lab rat. It's a gene therapy with nano technology and we have no idea what the long term effects are going to be. We are being lied to. Wake up!! Ignorance is bliss until it's dangerous and being promoted by people like you who are completely brainwashed by corrupt pharma and fake news media! Why do you think mainstream media and all social media is censoring the truth about these experimental shots??!! And about the truth about covid!! There is no pandemic. It's a psychological warfare!! The total death per year have barely changed since 2018.
    WAKE UP!!

    Regardless may the force be with you!

  14. I wish you luck……..not for me though. I’m waiting to see what happens to all those who get the vaccine. Check back with me after a year or so. We’ll see how they are all doing.


  16. Thank you making this video. I recently took the vaccine too but I didn't react to it at any form. You should take a look at my recent video where I shared tips on WHAT TO DO TO NOT REACT to the COVID-19 VACCINE

  17. You could see the change in your face the next morning. I am set to take my second dose of Moderna May 7th and I am worried. One half hour after the first dose my tongue was numb, my lips and face were tingling, and just beneath my collarbone I was having pain. Two days later the entire right side of my head hurt. I do not have underlying health issues. Benadryl and Tylenol helped but if I had a reaction the first time what will happen with the second. My doctor have said I can get the second dose but I am really conflicted

  18. Some say that By altering your DNA with this vaccine they’ll be able to control your emotions through smart devices

  19. The person who made this video is so hurt by all of the people who don’t support the vaccine. Why have hurt feelings and continue to reply to people? You really feel the need to justify a decision that you’re so comfortable with?

  20. I reseved my 1st dose last Tuesday and I’m having shortness of breath (due to anxiety) but I’m getting the second dose may 18th!

  21. Thank You for the video. I have to go get my 2nd dose of Moderna Vaccine on the 26th at UCLA, and I'm already considering flaking out.

  22. Congrats with winning the first round of Russian roulette!
    If you think that this was your last dose you are very mistaken!
    Let us know in three or four months how you're doing

  23. why are you guys so proud to be taking a dna changing vaccine you guys have no clue satan has deceived this whole world the only true hope is Jesus

  24. I actually got over my fear of needles about 10 years ago by watching a blood test being done on me & I feel better knowing what's going to happen while I see it if that makes sense 🙂

  25. Even the ex CEO of Pfizer is advising not to take this experimental vax due to serious long term issues. Please people don’t take your health for granted.

  26. Hi, where is Julia Carter right now? Is she still okay??? How does she feels???

  27. Vaccines :
    – don’t prevent you from getting covid19
    – don’t prevent transmission
    – have side effects now and months later
    – have short so called immunity

    99% survive covid19 without symptoms
    There are treatments
    So WHY on earth do you get vaccinated with a product which is still experimental
    Are you nuts ??😳

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