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Patrick Beverley Postgame Interview – Game 2 WCF – Clippers vs Suns | 2021 NBA Playoffs

Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Suns – Full WCF Game 2 Highlights | June 22, 2021 NBA Playoffs


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39 comments on “Patrick Beverley Postgame Interview – Game 2 WCF – Clippers vs Suns | 2021 NBA Playoffs

  1. very unsportmanlike conduct of P. Beverley should be thrown out right from the game. He don't need to hurt another player/or opponent to win the game.

  2. Freaking biggest 🤡 in NBA he should be fined and not able to ever play again! It’s not football 🏈 lay off the freaking meth bruh! You’ll never be good! Pathetic!!! LA Flipper!

  3. Remove barbaric cotton on his head n actually there is no wound .you have to blame beverly n morris for playing like a stone age n barbaric to hurt your opponent instead of the ball . Idiot Beverly thought they won n extend n offer his hand to booker ( playing style of a guilty idiot player ) then bad karma sets in . That what you get from playing to hurt your opponent . You see everthing you do good God rewards n anything you do wrong or wicked you get punished embarrassingly . Shame on your barbaric beverly . If you have a budding basketball player son dont let him watch clippers games they are disgusting shameful n embarrassing . I dont want my children n grandchildren to be like beverly . Its sucks .

  4. All the people in the comment section saying he plays “ dirty “ have never watched basketball in the 60s . Pat played phenomenal .

  5. I know he feels shitty 😂 he was waving bye to the fans and talking trash to Book before the clock hit 0:00 and the game humbled him real quick you love to see it lmao

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