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Overhyped Heat Wave Is Faking the U.S. – Oregon's Bootleg Fire Snuffed By Rain – Record Ice/Snow

A Stifling New Heat Wave Is Baking the U.S.
GFS Model Temperature Anomaly
Oregon’s Bootleg Fire has devoured 400 buildings, 342 vehicles
GFS Model Total Precipitated Water US
Area Smoke Forecast
Heat Wave from Montana to the South
*BRAZIL UPDATE: Coffee frost damage continues to WORSEN
The rare phenomenon of thundersnow struck Australia
Greenland Ice Mass Balance
White Island volcano (New Zealand): Volcanic Alert Level raised to Yellow
Continued heat flow and changes in gas composition indicate increased unrest at Whakaari/White Island
Worldwide Volcano News
Scientists warn they have no accurate way to predict when an apocalyptic supervolcano explosion could occur

COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 764 studies

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22 comments on “Overhyped Heat Wave Is Faking the U.S. – Oregon's Bootleg Fire Snuffed By Rain – Record Ice/Snow

  1. Bartering is a priceless gift best done once you had a splif .
    I traded 12 eggs organic in return for 5 cannabis seed's .

    Coin toss on who get's the better deal . He could end up with food eat now me left with 5 dud seeds

    Or i could end up with a nice unexpexted yeild 😅

  2. There is some testimony about electric events during the cold from the documentary the "Storm of the Century – the Blizzard of '49" from "Wyoming PBS" channel where at around 9:14 in there is testimony about a constant electric discharge coming off firearms stored on a wall. There were also rainbows that were upside down.

  3. The mainstream media is always hyping " Global Warming and Climate Change" to extort money from the public to prepare for the coming crisis ! BS ! Yeah the weather always changes: Do not moon dark clouds, do not stand and wave arms at a tornado, do not swim in flash floods .. just a few things to jeep you safe. With 45 Volcanos erupting now around the world, with millions of tons of C02, C0, S04, S02, ash dust water vapor….the weather will get cooler because of all the dust and sulfur based compounds in the atmosphere….blocking the sun ! Prep for winter now ! Tires, clothes, heating oil, wood, food, batteries, good shoes…this winter will be a butt freezer…!

  4. RU picking up what Doc Cottrell is putting down. He's about as difficult to follow as Ben or Farmer Jones' illustrious partner, maybe he's on the proper set of tracks, which shall be left nameless😎

  5. N. Carolina on the SE coast and into the 3rd or 4th summer without any real hot weeks all summer long. It's been normal to below normal. Mild summers all around.

  6. I wish smart phones and YouTube are around back in the early 90s when I was Chase and tornadoes and studying weather but it doesn’t matter all these liberals in global warming politicians they’re trying to rewrite history it’s so stupid thanks for the reporting diamond keep it up

  7. I'm an avid sun loving vitamin d stealing outdoorsman. Last summer the sun fkn borderline hurt my skin. In a way I've never felt. Almost like a layer of atmosphere that formerly protected me was gone. Or the level of heat energy from the sun was more intense. It was odd. I always loved the feeling of sun on my skin and would close my eyes and meditate in it analysing every bit of the sensation on my body. I absolutely feel a different more intense sensation when I'm in the sun in the hiieght of summer now. And for the the first time I feel like I shouldn't let my skin be exposed more than a few mins at a time. Maybe I'm older but it coincides with the fire and changes with the sun.

  8. Thunderstorms since midnight in St. Paul. Grass and Trees are super happy like a Big Midwest middle Finger Global Warming Smiley Face.
    High Temp is 98 here today. It's "Normal". except for Winter here which is normarlly Cold enough to Freeze People to death solid as a Rock if you're not prepared.

  9. The humidity in northern Alabama feels more unbearable since I moved here eight years ago. Lots of mushrooms popping up everywhere.

  10. Diamond, coming to you from western Montana South of Flathead Lake. Relentless 90° ALL July. NO RAIN. No rain March, April, June.
    Smoke is debilitating. Sometimes one mile visibility.

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