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OK, I Didn't Need My Heart Anyways… | Ghost Of Tsushima | Part 18

Welp, in this part, we finish up Act 2. Prepare to see my heart get shattered! 🙂 I really can’t catch a break with this game. Like seriously. ow
Audio Edited by Derek!
Instagram – @the_strawberryfarmer

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🎵 Music by flovry

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Camera: Canon G7 powershot mark II
Microphone: Tonor TC-777
Capture Card: Elgato HD60


22 comments on “OK, I Didn't Need My Heart Anyways… | Ghost Of Tsushima | Part 18

  1. 3 Ghost episodes in a row?? Whaa??
    Okay, listen. I’ve been really excited to share more episodes of this series, specifically for this episode. It’s my favorite so far. SO many good moments. Act 2 really blew me away and held some of the strongest moments in the game. This game REALLY does not pull its punches… it will not give me a bREAK.

    Before I say anything- can we appreciate the AMAZINGNESS at around 59:47 ?? Honestly one of the most satisfying moments in any video game I’ve played LOL. I couldn’t recreate that if I tried.

    Anyways, like I said, this episode had moment after moment where I felt compelled to sit and discuss my feelings (because I had a lot of them),, I hope it doesn’t take away from the experience too much, but I like getting my thoughts out there about the story.

    Also, for those wondering about side quests, please don’t worry, I will be playing the ones I missed after the next episode! (well most of them anyways)

    Next video will be for Disco Elysium I promise lol!

    RIP Nobu… My best boy…

  2. I felt so bad when you were first picking out your horse and you mentioned what happened to your Arabian in Red Dead, I wanted to warn you about picking another white horse 😭 but I couldn't spoil the story. Can't help but feel betrayed when the game states your horse will be with your for your entire journey just to kill it off two 3rds of the way through.

  3. You can still do side stuff, no worries
    It says much about bonding, when you don’t cry about Taka or breaking ties with Shimura, but you are absolutely destroyed by your horse’s death. Game did a phenomenal job in that
    How honorable of Shimura to make Yuna take the fall
    Why bothering with poisoning the camp when Jin could took the entire camp by himself smh
    cheapshot on Ryuzo ooof

    In this episode, the word SORRY(or APOLOGISE) was said 15 times
    Total sorry count: 154

    In this episode, ghost stance was activated 3 times
    Total ghost stance activations: 15


    4:02 start
    5:36 Fate of Tsushima
    13:22 embarrasing display in front of uncle
    17:06 battle begins
    17:30 weeeeeeeee
    19:35 friendly fire
    24:06 done with the facade
    26:12 girl you okay?
    30:03 surprise, motherfuckers
    33:31 reaction
    40:30 From the darkness
    43:59 Jin likes to…. Die
    49:48 stealth approach redefined
    55:30 Ryuzo
    59:47 on beat, that was on beat
    1:01:37 you broke my heart, Jin
    1:05:05 Honor and ash
    1:09:07 They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
    1:09:50 feelings 🙁
    1:15:12 Jin has enough
    1:29:11 pardon me, just passing by
    1:29:47 It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground
    1:32:30 fully embracing the Ghost
    1:36:21 ending thoughts

  4. I cried so hard for my friend Nobu, I had no mercy after that with any Mongol, Strawhat or whatever enemy I found, I killed them by the bloodiest way I could xD for Nobu…….

  5. You will get to go back south again later in the game. I'm pretty sure Loyal Friends Grave is marked on the map should you want to go and visit their grave.

  6. Sucker Punch really went all in with Act 2 playing on emotions and feelings by taking us into the dark and brutal side of the story and events taking place. Act 2 is like the gloomy and violent middle chapter that will justify a reaction to strike back and get vengeful but rightful justice. Despite all the hopelessness, it serves Jin a definite moment to keep pursuing and achieving his objective to get justice for himself and the people he met and helped along the way. We are without a doubt in for a wild ride in the final act.

    I bought this thing called horse revival tonic from the fence up at Emerald Ran … oh wait this is not the American frontier and Red Dead Redemption 2. Nobu will be missed but the hours of exploring Tsushima are memories that will live on.

  7. Oh no we are going to the end of the chapter so soon T.T I was hoping to see more side quests before this…. T.T RIP Nobu, another loyal friend, the song that played during that scene is 'the way of the ghost'

  8. I hope you understand that the death of the Samurai code led to the Rape of Nanking and other attrocities by the Japanese military . It is not something to be celebrated .

  9. I hear that poisoning your enemies water and food supplies is frown upon in modern world too. 😆🤣I don't know why everyone is fine with it

  10. This is great but we've really got to get you some fun games to play every now and again lol maybe a minecraft episode is in order!

    Keep up the great work 🍓

  11. YOOOoooo! Strawberry featuring "JinBun"

    Your sword blows on point with the beat of the battle music… Just perfect 👌Even the best editor can't win against a spontaneous live outcome like that. 😆🤣

    "They killed your Nobu… it's personal now… everyone dies…"👿🐱‍👤

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