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NOW 5 STATES! Unemployment Extension Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA

NOW 5 STATES! Unemployment Extension Unemployment Benefits Rental Assistance NEW UPDATE FPUC PUA

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According to the Labor Department, job openings across America surged to record highs in March, with more than 8 million employment opportunities available.

They explained that employment opportunities expanded greatly in government jobs, with openings jumping to 833,000, which was a 26.6% increase from February.

Retail jobs also saw sizable gains, while education and health services saw a decline in job openings.

President Biden explained recently: “Twenty-two million people lost their jobs in this pandemic, through no fault of their own. For many of those folks, unemployment benefits are a lifeline.”

With so many job opening across America, it’s looking like a full recovery of the US economy and job market are happening even quicker than previously anticipated.

Meanwhile, my favorite spot to grab a burrito, Chipotle, has made it clear that they are interesting in hiring and boosting current employee salaries, becoming the front runner for most benefits offered and jobs available across America.

Chipotle is planning to hire 20,000 new employees, offering both new and old employees a wide range of employment benefits, such as a $15 minimum wage by the end of June, referral bonuses of $200-$750, tuition assistance, pay raises, and advancement opportunities to become management.

Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol explained: “We are sharing with people that it’s not just a job right now, but it’s actually a job that can lead to a meaningful career. I’m glad that we’re a company that’s got the growth, and frankly the strength, to increase wages and start talking more about how the job leads to your future growth with our company.”

This sounds like a great situation for both your finances and your stomach, and good for Chipotle to offer so many incredible employment bonuses to both old and new employees to help get us back to some kind of normal.

Finally, we’ve got 2 new states joining the push to end important extended enhanced unemployment benefits earlier than the current September deadline.

Y’all already know about Montana, South Carolina and Arkansas, but joining them are both Alabama and Mississippi in cutting vital unemployment funds early for thousands of residents.

According to the Daily Mail, the governors from these 5 states are: “declining federal aid from President Joe Biden by ending the $300 per week enhanced unemployment benefits in their states.”

I’m so sorry for all of my viewers in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, and South Carolina, and hope that your governors can reverse course and continue providing these life saving extended enhanced unemployment benefits until September like the rest of America.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, get your application in today and celebrate with a taco and some tequila.

Check out your state’s PUA or UI website, show them your employment history and identifying documents, and fill out the application as genuinely as possible and to the best of your abilities.

For honestly and truthfully answering all their questions, you could receive a backdated unemployment check for over $20,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers and freelancers, don’t miss out on these unemployment funds. You are eligible for benefits through the PUA.

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  1. I am praying for all the people all across the world .Don't give up hang on in there.Much love to you all

  2. Oh gosh there are over 10 million people on unemployment they are cutting these people all these people off at once time to bunker down all hell is going to break out are these lawmakers crazy cutting that many people off at once is suicide

  3. Hi, your senator r making a big mistake by sacrifice your survival to stop Biden. U r need to rally to protect your self and love one. Tell your senator to show u where the jobs. If not,tell him to pay your bills. If can't, tell him to resign/U recall him!!

  4. Another great update Andrew 👋🏽 much love from Texas. Keep the updates rolling in the right direction.💯

  5. Man thats cold blooded for them to do that. All the people getting cut off, hope everything works out. SMH

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