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New DLC Footage, Info & More Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut News (Ghost Of Tsushima DLC)

Ghost Of Tsushima DLC News (Ghost of Tsushima DLC)
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44 comments on “New DLC Footage, Info & More Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut News (Ghost Of Tsushima DLC)

  1. Sucker punch made a whole new DLC the size of a new game (in my opinion) while Ubisoft is wasting time making assassins creed infinity. This game is more ASSASSINS CREED then assassin creed ever was.

  2. Wish people would stop calling this dlc. It's a "Director's Cut". That means content that was previously cut during editing, not things that were made and added after. There could be any number of reasons this content was cut from the game. Whatever the case, they've clearly figured out how to make it fit with the rest of the game.

  3. I can’t wait to see the outfits and new characters we get to meet. Hopefully we get a new stance. I notice they allowed us to wear Jin’s outfit from when he was a kid.

  4. What I would love to see in either this or GoT sequels —

    1) Flesh out and deepen stealth gameplay. AI needs major improvements.

    — AI need to hunt LONGER when alerted, finding dead bodies, or when the player is spotted and breaks line of sight.
    — And have the AI cover a larger area when searching.
    — have the AI ‘tethers’ to their spawn points not be so rigid so they can chase the player for longer before having to run back to their spawn point.
    AI really are eager to quickly rush back to there previous behaviour loop. This is immersion breaking when they have just found a dead body or spotted you only moments ago and they rush back to sit at a camp fire etc.

    — They should also have enemy AI on horses stay mounted on their horse — by doing so it gives them a distinct advantage in combat. It also gives you a reason tactically to get them off that horse.

    2) more weapons — Yari and kusarigama

    3) more mission types — hostage rescue, but you have to lead them to a safe village. You can give the NPC basic orders FOLLOW, WAIT etc.
    Be cool if you had to save a kid. And tell them to follow only when it’s safe. You could put them on your horse.

    Steal an item missions. Similar to Shinobido — wear you have to physically carry the object, and put it down if you need to deal with enemies.

    4) Have Factions and who you work for affects your standing with other factions.

    5) let it be on mainland Japan.

    6) make duelling arena size bigger, they were too cramped.

    7) playable female character.

    8) Greater immersion — Lite Survival mechanics — killing animals for food are ways you can restore health.
    Sleeping restores stamina to sprint further. (Not that you would need a stamina bar).
    Be able to sleep to change time of day!


    10) Better rewards for exploration.
    Loved the cosmetics but charms became superfluous as I didn’t want to make the game easier. So Fox dens, and Inari shines became a bit pointless. But we’re great! But reward was Meh!

    11) Climing/Platforming was fun! More of that please…. also the grappling hook was criminally not that useful.

  5. I got the directors cut but I didn't have the normal version downloaded when I bought it and now I can't download ghost of tsushima until directors cut comes out XD

  6. I think maybe Jin is gonna be having horrible visions of his father, being tormented for maybe his actions or something connected to his uncle or something haha I don’t know but I know it’s gonna be amazing!!!

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