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Nationals vs. Mets Game 1 Highlights (6/19/21) | MLB Highlights

Nationals vs. Mets full game 1 highlights from 6/19/21

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30 comments on “Nationals vs. Mets Game 1 Highlights (6/19/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. Seems like most of Lindor’s struggles at the plate are coming from the right side. Not sure if anyone has any statistics for this, just going off of what I’ve seen with my own two eyes

  2. Mets are Good but man our Lineup has to improve we haven't really hit as a team for a long while my biggest fear is we got a bunch of guys batting 230 in a playoff series that might be our downfall we have the pitching to win a world series but the bats man jeez

  3. Mets' Fan comment: Big deal. after going 0-20 Lindor gets the Hits that we were expecting from a $35 Million Player. It's Amazing in Baseball, how these owners don't learn: Signing players to these Umongous 10 year Contracts … At least Peterson is starting to come into his Own.

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