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N. Korea's Kim Jong-un fires top aides for failing to stop the pandemic: Report

김정은 “방역 태업으로 중대사건 발생”…고위급 간부 교체

The failure to implement measures to tackle the coronavirus had caused a “great crisis.”
That’s North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as he chastised ruling party officials for risking the safety of North Korea and its people.
Its state news agency KCNA did not elaborate on the nature of the crisis or how it put people at risk, but what we do know is that several politburo members, secretaries of the central committee, and officials have been replaced.
Kim Dami reports.
At a meeting of the politburo on Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un referred to an unspecified “grave incident” that has affected the regime’s efforts to stop the virus, and he said the incident could threaten public safety.
This is according to state media.
Kim reportedly accused top officials of neglecting their duty, and said that it’s time for a revolution in terms of personnel.
Less than two weeks before this latest politburo meeting, the regime’s ruling Workers’ Party convened a plenary meeting for the third time this year, an event that in the past has been rare.

“It’s a vicious cycle of prolonged international sanctions against the regime, the prolonged pandemic… and exhaustion among top officials. To stop that vicious cycle turning into a threat to the regime, the North is holding these important meetings one after another.”

The report from state media didn’t give details, but said that some of Kim’s top aides were dismissed.
This shows how the regime’s number one priority right now is to strengthen the emergency quarantine system and to secure the safety of the people.
Kim’s remarks on Tuesday also clearly show that his top priority at the moment is internal affairs.

“Kim Jong-un has said his regime should be ready for both dialogue and confrontation. But he’s focusing on internal matters because of the pandemic, so external affairs regarding South Korea and the U.S. wil be pushed aside for now.”

But the expert added that the North will turn back to Seoul and Washington after making progress on the pandemic, its economic development plan and securing stability in people’s lives.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.

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2021-06-30, 19:00 (KST)


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