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Mon. 07/26 – An Olympic Medal For Designing Olympic Medals

A look back at when the Olympics used to give out medals in artistic categories, including the designing of Olympic medals, and the case for why they should bring that back this year in particular. Plus, some more background on how the wildfires on the west coast of Canada and the US are affecting weather and health all the way in New York City and beyond. And, the Cleveland baseball team has officially changed their name––something they used to do quite a bit around the turn of the century.

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The Olympics Could Be a Covid-19 ‘Super-Evolutionary Event’ (Wired)
Olympic pictogram sequence: The Opening Ceremony highlight for many, but what was it all about? (Olympics)
Olympic Pictograms: Design through History – Media Made Great (Media Made Great)
When the Olympics Gave Out Medals for Making Medals (Mental Floss)
Remember When the Olympics Used to Have an Art Competition? No? (The Atlantic)
2020 Tokyo Olympics: Medals made from recycled metal are unveiled (Washington Post)
How can smoke from West Coast fires cause red sunsets in New York? (The Conversation)
Wildfire Smoke Makes Sun Glow Red in New York City (NY Mag)
The Bootleg Fire Is Now Generating Its Own Weather? (NY Times)
See How Wildfire Smoke Spread Across America (NY Times)
Cleveland’s MLB team rebrands as ‘Guardians,’ dropping ‘Indians’ name (Washington Post)
Cleveland’s baseball team goes from Indians to Guardians (Indian Country Today)
Tokyo Olympics: 13-Year-Old Stars Win Women’s Skateboarding (Time)
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