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Mike Pompeo: While I was briefing Trump, Kerry was briefing Iran

Former secretary of state says John Kerry has ‘an awful lot of explaining to do’ on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews #Hannity

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32 comments on “Mike Pompeo: While I was briefing Trump, Kerry was briefing Iran

  1. Where is the government raid at 6:00 am to collect Kerry’s documents and electronic devises??

  2. Most disgusting corrupt cabinet of a presidency from top to bottom in history! Rite after they got done calling a Real Pro American President corrupt! Typical the finger pointer is the guilty!

  3. ای پمپو عزیز شما باید به ایران حمله می کردید مردم را نجات می دادید کری بی شرف جاسوس اخوندهای بی شرف بود مرگ بر جان کری بی همه چیز

  4. The Dems are "allowed" to break the law any way they feel is necessary to achieve full power over the American people!

  5. So Kerry needs to be imprisoned, like an other traitor. When does this type of behavior equal punishment?

  6. ای پمپو بایدن دیوان طرف اخوندها را گرفته مرگ بر بایدن دیوانه

  7. only in this country happen a traitor working behine the america administration nothing happen belive nothin will happen 100%

  8. President Biden and his cowardly Congress need to be held accountable for their sellout. Midterms are coming.🇺🇸

  9. You mean giving money to our enemy to buy weapons (and build their own) is a BAD thing? Who'd have thought it? I guess anyone with a brain!

  10. I'm not sure how Haniny becomes one of the highest paid anchor on FOX while his statements are only opinionated and not facts or logic. At least Tacker explains eventhough his claims are also baseless.

  11. Mike Pompeo is as narcissistic as The Big Loser! He is also a big loser! He served only donnie and himself! He accomplished nothing for the American People! The fact is, America lost ground when he served trump as director of the CIA and lost even more when he served trump as Secretary of State! He also lost a good reputation as a truthful man with integrity! He went the same as Rudy Giuliani, from the top to the sewage! Well earned!

  12. Mike Pompeo is the best Secretary of State in history. Literally he was built for the job.

  13. زنده باد پمپو ترامپ👌👌👍👍👏👏❤❤💪💪 جان کری اعدام باید گردد

  14. Kerry & Biden both have had some form of office seat for over 16 yrs. If America is messed up in your eyes then understand they had something to do with it. Why the heck would yall put that puppet in charge of it all. They should both get buried under a prison

  15. Are You asking the left to be honest? You are kidding yourself!!! Kerry is a TRAITOR and should be prosecuted for that act.

  16. Iran will take the US why? Commander in chief is weak!! Why not take that opportunity smh they be testing our navy . When I was in iraq alot if iraqis new iran had militia in iraq to target us !! Biden is not meant to be a commander

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