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Maddy Smith: How Do You Tell Them? | Skeptic Tank Clips

Clip from Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank Podcast Episode 433 with Maddy Smith. Would you tell a good friend of yours they were gaining weight? Ari asks this tricky question to his guest; is it similar to telling a comedian friend their material is hacky? Watch Ari and Maddy discuss how do you tell them?! #arishaffir #skeptictankclips #comedy #maddysmith

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11 comments on “Maddy Smith: How Do You Tell Them? | Skeptic Tank Clips

  1. The Germ Theory was never actually proven to be 100% accurate, yet the trillion dollar medical industry is entirely based on that theory. What's the CAUSE of death in people with this "virus"? Does their brain explode? Does their heart stop beating? The CAUSE of death is still pneumonia. Pneumonia is not something you can "catch". You DEVELOP it, just like you develop cancer. It's a biological result of being "scared to death" of something. Think of it like an internal wound that you can't see, but when it starts to heal (when the traumatic event dissipates), the healing of the wounds in the lungs will cause pain, mucus, blood, fever, headaches, coughing, etc. You don't show the symptoms of "disease" until you stop being panicked and afraid. These symptoms usually show up 1-2 weeks after you've relaxed and resolved the upsetting event.

    Governments around the world are CAUSING fear frights, thus CAUSING all the illnesses, aka Boogey Virus, in everyone based on an unproven THEORY by one man, Louis Pastaur, who redacted his claim of the germ theory on his death bed, yet no one listened. The US is following an outdated theory that's 100 years old and has not questioned or retested that "science" since then. They believed In witches and curses back then!! Could it be because a Ca-Zillion dollar medical industry profits on following an outdated "science" model?! They've been using the same cancer "treatment" for 80 YEARS. They can't think of something besides POISON in all this time?!?!

    So of course, when everyone is allowed to escape the hostage situation the governments have put their people into, and they start relaxing about the "scary virus" that's not in any way transmissible, they will begin their healing phase (get sick), and believe they then have the "scary virus", and more panic will ensue as well as martial law. The longer people allow this government to hold them hostage in their homes, the more severe the "sickness" will be. Western Medicine is pure fraud, and people's lives are destroyed because of it.

  2. i've for sure had to tell friends and family they're getting fat. i don't take it much further than that they can figure out how to lose it but people need it sometimes its wild how people dont pay attention to their weight until its off the deep end

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