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Love island 2021 Ep 6 Chuggz and Brad Fight for Rachel.

They’re fighting for a place on Love Island after being left single in the last explosive recoupling. 
And Chuggs and Brad were sure to lay it on thick and try to impress new girl Rachel ahead of her big decision on who to couple up with, which is set to air on Sunday. 


22 comments on “Love island 2021 Ep 6 Chuggz and Brad Fight for Rachel.

  1. All these old girls, after shunning good men in their prime early to mid 20’s now desperately looking at young pretty boys who will date them but NEVER give them the commitment they want. Truth is if they are to stand any chance they need mature men in their mid 30’s upwards. Trouble is by then most of the high value ones are taken and the rest won’t come on shows like this. It’s for little boys.

  2. That Toby don't like Kaz don't bother me, what annoys me is that Kaz told him that he needed to be straight with her and he is doing the opposite

  3. Icl I don't even watch the episodes I just watch this so I know what happened 😂😂
    Also most of the girls have plastic surgery like botox and lip fillers which just make them look wayy older than they are. Rachel looking like one of the youngest no cap😂

  4. I think Rachel will choose Brad.
    She has zero interest in Chuggs. It’s plain to see, She doesn’t find him attractive. And vice versa.
    Brad finally looked like he had a personality tonight! 😂

  5. Brad is a snake in the grass. Mark my words 🤣.

    Brad likes dark features when he's about to be eliminated. What he SAYS and DOES will be two completely different things. Brad's ex is blonde, Brad initially chose blonde twice. You would have thought if he liked dark features he'd choose kaz initially but nope.

    I don't trust him at all. He has that vibe 🤣.

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