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Loeffler to donate final Senate paycheck to Capitol Police Memorial Fund after Capitol riot

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Article: Former Las Vegas Police Lt. Randy Sutton examines the response at the U.S. Capitol. Outgoing Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is donating her final Senate paycheck to the Capitol Police Memorial Fund to honor’the lives of fallen officers following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Fox News has learned. Loeffler, a wealthy businesswoman, made a commitment upon being appointed to the Senate in 2019’to donate her Senate pay, and throughout her tenure, she has donated to 40 different Georgia-based charitable organizations and nonprofits over the last year. “Every Capitol Police Officer puts the safety and security of others before their own,” Loeffler told Fox News. “Officer Sicknick and Officer Liebengood exemplified the selfless service that is the hallmark of the USCP.” “The tragic loss of these officers reminds all of us of the bravery of the law enforcement officers who protect our nation’s Capitol, my colleagues, Congressional staff, visitors, the press corps, and thousands of staff every day,” she continued. “I’m proud to donate my final Senate pay in honor of their lives and sacrifices,” she told Fox News, thanking Capitol Police and “all law enforcement officers for their dedicated service each and every day of the year.” Sicknick, a 12-year veteran of the Capitol Police, died on Jan. 7, after being injured during the Capitol riots on a day prior.’Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating his death as a homicide. Days after the riot, USCP announced the off-duty death of Liebengood, who died by suicide after responding to the Capitol riot.  Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood in April 2008. (Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images) Loeffler’s move to donate her pay to the Capitol Police Memorial Fund will be one of her final acts in Congress, after her defeat earlier this month in Georgia’s Senate runoff to her Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock. Loeffler will remain in the Senate until Georgia’s election results are certified, which is expected to be Jan. 22.’


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